Encouraging Canine Art

So Flo’s had a couple of weeks with no walks because of her shoulder.  Flo minus walks equals trouble.  Consequently I’ve discovered the remodelling that she’s been carrying out on the reticulation system.  To fix or not to fix… not, I think, at least not until she’s grown out of the remodelling phase; we’ll just have to live with a few water spouts and decreased water pressure.  She’s also been busy creating dental art using buckets and plant pots and arranging things in her nest to pass the time.

The Nest... carefully arranged still life.

Although I’ve said no puppy play, she’s spent the last couple of days with her mate Sunny the labrador.  Thankfully she doesn’t play as roughly with him as she does with her other friends – he just takes off and sits in the pool when he’s had enough.  They do tussle and pull at toys together – that’s enough to tire her out and take the edge off her mischief.

Flo’s had one injection from the vet to see if that helps settle her leg down.  She did seem to be able to get up and down a lot easier though it’s still apparent that it’s stiff and sore.  I’ve also reduced her food as she’s not exercising as much and I want to bring her weight down a bit just to take some of the pressure off her leg.  Hopefully the combination of rest, less weight and medication will do the trick.

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