When perfect puppies turn…

Yay, we’re out walking again.  Flo’s just toooooooo destructive without exercise.  Unfortunately, she now seems to be in a pattern of looking for trouble while I’m at work.  This week I came home one day to 20kg of pool salt deposited on the lawn.  Thanks Flo.  Thankfully most of it was still contained within the plastic bag.  I didn’t clean it up for a couple of days and of course that meant that the dew had turned it into a hard lump.  Another day I found a bag of woodchips (minus the bag, which had been ripped into a thousand pieces) under the house and a broken glass jar (from WHERE????), a toy car (from WHERE??????), demolished reticulation pipe and of course the the poo bags (unused, thankfully) strewn from one end of the garden to the other.  There is a patchwork of chewed cardboard boxes alongside all the chewed up plant pots.  I don’t mind the plant pots, in fact, I wish she’d chew more of them.  The garden looks like the kind where you’d find a car on bricks.  Having said that, if there WAS  a car on bricks hidden in amongst the foliage, she would probably have dragged that in to her nest and demolished it too.  Argh!  I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the destruction before I’d cleaned it up.  It isn’t as if I go and leave her with nothing… she has treats thrown out into the grass for her to find (that takes up about ooooh, 30 seconds), frozen Kongs and frozen marrow bones.  Obviously those jaws make light work of it all.  She also has her own toys out there too.  It’s just not enough.  She used to be the perfect puppy!  Stooopid shoulder injury.

We had a very exciting weekend with our mate Sunny coming over yesterday for a sleepover.  He was specially shampooed and brushed for the occasion and arrived smelling like oatmeal.  Within half an hour he was covered in pond slime and silt.  Whoops!  We went to the beach for a swim (and rinse) which was great fun.  Sunny has given up at retrieving his ball when I throw it for him since Flo races out faster than he does and steals it.  She would never do that if she was on her own, but when there’s a bit of competition involved she can match any retriever.  She is a total doggy tart who just wants to be chased.  Sunny’s strategy was to stand on the shore and watch her dash out to get it, swim in a bit with it and then drop it (when she realised that he wasn’t chasing her).  At that ‘point of boredom’ he would sneak out and grab the ball and come running back victorious.  It worked every time.

The race is on...

Chase me! Chase me!

We also went back to Holmes Jungle despite being totally stalked by a dingo during the week… we had to get a lift out with the security guard because the dingo was just getting a wee bit too close and wasn’t perturbed by my throwing pandanus nuts at him.  A bit too bold.  I think he just finds Flo irresistable…. well, she is pretty cute.  Anyway, there was no sign of him on Sunday.

So begins another week.  I wonder what destruction awaits my return this afternoon…

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2 Responses to When perfect puppies turn…

  1. Mango says:

    pandanus… you don’t say. Now, if only I knew what those were perhaps I would arm myself with some in case we, too, encounter a wild dingbat on walkies. Now I am feeling insecure.

    Miss destructo! Wow! What kind of parties are going down while mom is at work? This is no way to endear yourself to the provider of noms. Just sayin.


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