The life span of a toy…

Before Flo’s arrival I had lovingly gone out and purchased some toys for her to play with when she got here.  There were a fair few lion toys, of course, along with an octopus, and I can’t remember what else.  These stood up well to those puppy teeth but, once her massive big-dog teeth came through at 4 months-ish, one by one the toys copped a beating.  Or a shredding.  Or an eviscerating.  Every now and again I’ll go and buy a nice plush toy in the foolhardy belief that it will last more than a day.  Sadly, most don’t even last a minute. All her stuffable Kongs have lasted, although some of the first ones won’t last much longer because of the climate more than anything… the heat and humidity don’t agree with rubber toys.  Her Kong tugable was good for a day, then the squeak was excavated.  The Kong Wubba is still on the go, just, although all the tassle bits were chewed through within a morning.  The Kong Air tennis ball is minus its fluffy outer covering but that did last a few months before she realised that the covering could be prised away.  Once she realises that something has stuffing that can come out or a covering that can come off she becomes a dog possessed, taking every opportunity to have a little go at it.

Life span: 30 mins

When she was teething I bought her a couple of Nylabone inedible chews, which lasted a while but did eventually succumb to the jaws.  Today I bought a Nylabone Double Action Chew.  It’s big, it’s heavy and apparently it’s minty, though I’m not going to test it.  Flo got stuck straight into it when I brought it home and it’s still in one piece.  I am amazed.  I want to hug whoever invented it.

Kramar lion - Life span: a few months

This was a stuffed toy with a squeaker. It took 30 seconds for Flo to start removing stuffing.

However, after all those other toys have come and gone, the orginal octopus and lion that I got for her and which stay in her pen are still intact.  She goes and fetches them out and has a play with them, making them squeak and honk, but she hasn’t destroyed them… maybe Flo’s got a sentimental streak too.

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8 Responses to The life span of a toy…

  1. wyatt says:

    Hi Flo!
    Just stopping by to say “Hi” from DWB!!
    Look at all your toys….need any help playing with them 🙂


  2. Luna says:

    I’m going through teething too!

    I know how painful it is and how everything is very tasty! 😀

    I haven’t destroyed any of my toys yet though 😀

    Luna (from DWB)

  3. Flo says:

    Heh heh. Thanks guys. Wyatt… Flo doesn’t play, she seeks out and destroys. And Luna, when Flo was teething she was a very good puppy. Actually, she was more than good. It seems she was just waiting for those big teeth to come through and now nothing is safe!

  4. bigdogzola says:

    Hi Flo – Sorry for taking so long to visit you. Young Ridgebacks love to chew and gnaw!…I’m a bit older so I enjoy a little chew bar or a dried pigs ear! My favourite long term toys that I still have is my KONG – medium & giant and my Wubba. I also have two intelligent doggie games to find treats where I have to open a draw, lift lid, slide and flip – toys like Nina Ottoson but there are less expensive versions. Your human should save her money on buying stuffies until you are older since they are not going to last and they are not stimulating enough – us Ridgeback girls are too clever for that! We love finding stuff and working out how to find treats – stuffy toys are too boring for us until you are older when they come in handy for a nice pillow….oh yes I love my PILLOWS!
    Anyway – thanks for dropping by my blog and greetings from the South of France…I will keep a look out for you to see how you are doing. Keep your human on her toes…woof your Ridgeback girlfriend Zola xx

  5. Jodi Stone says:

    That is exactly the toy I was going to suggest for her! Apparently the little “spikes” on the toy are great for teething. Ours still looks very close to its original condition.

    • Flo says:

      The Nina Ottoson interactive toys look fabulous, but we need durable chew toys for when her fubulousness is left to her own devices. She’s got a lot of Kongs, which I stuff and freeze, sometimes freezing the whole thing in a tub of water. I also got her a Kong Genius recently which she doesn’t seem able to get all the treats from, so that keeps her busy for a while. She’s got a couple of puzzle balls and I’ve managed to get a couple of stronger plastic bottles which aren’t your usual run of the mill shape, so will put some treats in them for her too…

  6. Bailey says:

    Oh my goshies! Do I see a Fat Cat toy?! That was my favorite toy for a while… until it had to be thrown away. *sniffs*

    Thanks for coming to visit me — it’s so nice to meet you! 🙂

    Woofs & hugs! ❤

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

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