Dingoes and spangled drongos

Hurrah!  We’ve had almost no chewing ‘issues’ this week!  OK, so there’s not that much left to chew.  I rather foolishly left a box of new golf balls downstairs and came home to find them all removed firstly from the bigger box and then each from their individual boxes.  Each little golf ball box had been carefully chewed to a thousand small pieces and liberally scattered amongst some chewed palm fronds on the lawn.  The silver lining was she’d chosen a palm frond to chew also – a much better choice.  Alas, those golf balls were just too tempting.  Eight out of ten for restraint this week Miss Flo!

I’m trying the fabulous one on some glucosamine tablets – beef flavour – mmmm, yummy.  She seems to quite like them but I’m not sure that they’re working yet.  I think they need a bit of time.  Her legs have been bothering her again so I think it’s time to make a decision about sending her to the orthopedic specialist when he’s in town next month.  Perhaps he can review her (very expensive and quite lovely) x-rays.

Walks this week have been interesting – spangled drongos, red-tailed black cockatoos, a dingo (but not the one that stalked us previously) and some little red-backed fairy wrens. With a name like ‘spangled drongo’ you would be forgiven for expecting some astonishing, Dr Seuss-type creation of a bird with multicoloured head-plumage and long, elaborate tail feathers.  Alas, it doesn’t live up to its name… I didn’t have my camera with me either time that I saw it, so I’m putting a link to it.  When I’ve got some spare time, I might create my own version of what I think it SHOULD look like using Photoshop or something similar.  🙂


We’ve had two showers in the last fortnight which mean that the mozzies have all come out and can make our evening walk a little unpleasant unless we go out smothered in tropical strength repellent.  Someone also needs to tell the March flies that it’s September!


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8 Responses to Dingoes and spangled drongos

  1. Jodi Stone says:

    With a name like that I would definitely expect a bit more….color?

  2. bigdogzola says:

    WOW such exotic wildlife! Wonderful.. Do you have to watch out for anything that could hurt you? I have to be careful during the summer months in the South of France of female sandflies – they bite and give us doggies leishmaniose which can make us very sick and could be fatal – thats why I wear a thin while collar all the time (scalibor collar)…xx

    • Flo says:

      Leishmaniasis has only recently been found here – up until about 10 years ago it was thought that Australia was free of it but unfortunately it was discovered here in the Northern Territory in macropods. I haven’t heard of any cases in dogs personally but haven’t done any research into that. The scariest encounter we’ve had on our walks was with a brown snake – not sure what flavour exactly but none of them are nice – I’d thrown the ball for Flo and it bounced right over the snake but thankfully Flo was fixed on the ball (for once) and ran straight past the snake. I, of course, had to go and inspect it once Flo was safely out of the way and it just slithered off into the bush. Other than that we’ve come across a carpet python and a file snake, which is the shar-pei of snakes. Neither of those are particularly horrid. Probably the worst creature is the old mozzie – heartworm carriers for dogs and carriers of lots of other human nasties.

  3. Its the livernose, thats what its.

  4. Mango says:

    Just make sure your socks and unmentionables are safely tucked away. When I was a teenager, I ate a whole sock and it came out the other end completely intact. Scared momma to death.


    • Flo says:

      Given her penchant for removing washing from the line, she and washing are never out at the same time! Thankfully I always found the items before the gardener did. I’m not sure how I would’ve explained some of the clothing that was lurking in the bushes! One of Flo’s litter mates is a sock-eater… he’s downed 7 so far and has had to have two operations to have them removed… I think they should forget about stitches and put some velcro in, just in case.

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