You are my sunshine

I’ve been ditched for a blonde… Sunny’s come to stay!  Hours and hours of bitey-face and wrestling.  As a result I’m now invisible… Flo couldn’t care less that I’m here any more.  But, they do keep each other amused during the day so mustn’t grumble.  Poor George is opting for an indoor and hassle-free life while I’m out at work as he just doesn’t know how to behave to avoid being chased.  Fergus is bolder and more laid back about the whole canine thing; she tends to stand her ground making herself rather boring as a target.

So, a guy walks into a bar...

Sunny loves water… he’s in and out of the pond like nobody’s business.  The poor fish are living in a bit of a whirlpool.  Having said that, every time he comes out he brings half a kilo of pond slime with him, so he’s kind of doing us a favour.  I think.  He does seem to spend a lot of the time with a tide mark around his middle!  Flo’s interest in water stops with the ocean or a creek.  I’ve tried to explain to her that the pool and pond really are the best crocodile-free options, but she seems to like to live life on the edge.  The crocs are all going to be moving around soon as the build up (to the wet season) and therefore breeding season is approaching and younger males are booted out of larger males’ territories.  As the rain starts and the water levels begin to rise these youngsters then make their way ’round the coast looking for creeks and rivers which aren’t inabited by a big saltie.  I’m not sure that there are many vacant rivers left, as croc numbers are now back up to where they were before they were nearly hunted to oblivion.  We can only hope that all the croc traps that are out in the harbour and in the creeks will do the job of keeping numbers down.

Red tailed black cockatoo

We’ve been walking along Rapid Creek a bit more recently.  It’s a place where the red-tailed black cockatoos love to gather in the evening, chewing the branches off casuarina and gum trees!  It struck me that cockatoos would be amongst the worst players of hide and seek.  They never shut up.  Even when they’re flying they just squawk their little hearts out.  They are very very vocal creatures.

The dogs love to jump in to the creek (it’s a safe spot otherwise I wouldn’t let them in) and chase pandanus nuts.  🙂  It’s not a bad place for a change of scenery!

Watch out Sunny!

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1 Response to You are my sunshine

  1. bigdogzola says:

    Hi Flo – I’ve got a friend called Sunny and we do exactly the same as you on the other side of the world….cool eh?
    Nice that you have made some friends
    from your RR pal in France

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