So long Sunny

The end of another week and a week off work stretches ahead… sigh.  We’ve been back at the v-e-t again but this time with Fergus, who has been fighting.  She’s a pest because she starts fights which don’t finish well for her, or my wallet.  As I type this I’ve just heard another feline brawl but there’s no sign of the perpetrators outside and unfortunately it’s entirely possible that one of them is Fergus.  Grrr.  Not impressed Fergus.

So, this week Sunny went back to live at his house.  The day after his departure Flo removed the stuffing from one of her beds.  Today she chewed the end off her Kong.  It seems that the answer to putting an end to Flo’s destruction is, indeed, having another dog… but that’s not going to happen until next year at least, if at all.  Thankfully we’ve been popping round and picking Sunny up in the afternoons and he’s been spending some time at ours and then coming along for an evening walk.  This evening we did about 5kms or so along Rapid Creek.  Tarty Flo is in her element when she’s got another dog chasing her ’round the bushes and constantly looks over her shoulder to make sure they’re still there!  They have both developed the very annoying Marks & Spencers shopper habit of slowing down or stopping, without warning, right in front of me.  All they are missing is a cardigan and a shopping trolley.

Bed - minus a fair bit of stuffing....

This evening we heard a pair of barking owls, which are funny little birds.  I’ve had hours and hours of endless fun with them when I’ve been out camping.  When you hear one in the distance you can bark back at it and it will fly in closer you, thinking you are another barking owl.  It then calls again, you reply and so on.  It must be a bit disappointing for them when they realise they’ve been conned.

We also stumbled through the bushes and across what looked like a ceremonial ground, with concentric rings of stones.  It was really interesting but I’m not sure what it’s purpose is and it might well be for secret men’s business.  Mindful of that and the fact that I don’t like having the dogs trapsing through spiritual, ritual or ceremonial places we didn’t hang around.  My curiosity has definitely been tweaked though.

I’m looking forward to this coming week off as the stinking hot and humid weather is sending everyone a bit troppo.  We’ll be able to go for walks in the morning and it’ll be good to get some jobs done around the house and garden.  I’ve spent the last couple of weekends painting downstairs under the house to make it a bit more of a relaxing place to chill out.  There’s no show without Punch, so decorating was impossible with the dogs around and they were unceremoniously taken down to Sunny’s garden where they stayed while the paint tins were open at mine!  Flo objected in the only way she knows how and destroyed the water dish while she was there.  Meanwhile, back at ours, we still had an incident with George, the cat, who quite frankly is swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.  He’s done this once before but I didn’t think he’d be stupid enough to do it again… he licked the paint tin lid.  This caused a bit of hyper-salivation which in turn caused cat slobber laced with pale oriental paint to be dribbled in places that I’d really rather it wasn’t.  Anyway, as he’s done this before and there are a lot of worse things he has done, there was no panic and he’s all good now… well, as good as he can be given his limited intelligence.

George. One sandwich short of a picnic.

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5 Responses to So long Sunny

  1. Luna says:

    Hi Flo!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    The tug-a-jug is still in one piece! I love chewing on the rubber bit but I also just chew on the rope! It’s pretty durable and not easily chewed off.. I tend to play with the rope more and use my paws on the bottle to try and get the stuff out!

    I can get daddy to make a video of me playing with it, if it helps 🙂

    let me know

    • Flo says:

      … if you have time that would be great, but don’t go to any special trouble for us – Flo has chewed through rope on Kong tug toys before – she’s pretty determined, so I figured that that part would probably go. The reason I’d been considering it was because the plastic seemed pretty tough and Flo loves bottles, her jaws are just too strong for the PET ones now! Thanks for doing the reviews – I’m a bit over spending money on things that she destroys within (literally) minutes, so it’s good to get someone else’s feedback! 🙂

  2. Hi Flo. You are such a beautiful girl! Thanks for visiting our blog and saying hello. It sure does sound like you could use another canine friend living at your house full time! At least Sunny visits often.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Ludo says:

    That owl sounds really cool. Yeah, there is no substitute for a great doggy playmate. I know I would like one!

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