365 days…

Miss Flo turned one year old today… what a year!

The day Miss Flo arrived at her new home.

Flo has achieved a fair amount in her 365 days on the planet.  She has been given a posh name and a less posh name.  She has travelled alone on a plane.  While she has learned to ignore the word Flo she has also learned lots of other important commands.  She has been x-rayed and had an operation.  She has learned to love the car.  She has learned to leave 50% of her feline companions in peace.  She has destroyed two beds and countless cushions.  She’s put dozens of toys through their paces and many didn’t stand up to the standard required to remain intact.  She has heard lions roar.  She has discovered that Kongs and marrow bones are fantastic.  She has slept through the noisiest of thunderstorms and been through a cyclone.  She has discovered the joys of destroying the reticulated watering system.  She has swum creeks, the pool and the sea.  She has shoplifted a pig’s ear from the pet shop and made friends with all the pet shop ladies.  She’s grown to weigh close to 40kg.  Most of all though, she’s been my mate through the worst of losses.  She’s wormed her way into a lot of others’ hearts too, not only mine.  And the rest.

It seems that a puppy can pack a lot in to 365 days.

Today we had a puppy play date to celebrate 1 year with Flo’s friends.  Sammy was her first playmate.  When they first played together Sammy was bigger than Flo.  Unfortunately they don’t get to spend as much time playing any more because Flo tries too hard to keep up with Sammy, who is much faster and more nimble, so Miss F usually ends up with sore legs.  Tashie, Archie and Deeds have also been about since the beginning.  Tashie pretty much ignores Flo, Archie fancies her and Her Majesty Deeds is infuriated by Flo’s lack of reverence towards her.  Sunny is her absolute bestie and his level of exercise and play is much more suitable for her.

Flo and Sammy

Woo hoo! Chase me!

Where'd she go?

She’s been a very lucky puppy with presents and yummy treats.  Chicken necks at the play date, piggy ears at home.  Dinner was mixed with lambs’ hearts.  I expected to see Her hungry Fabulousness scoff down the hearts but she picked a bit out, put it on the deck and occasionally gave it a lick.  So, when it looked as though she wasn’t going to eat any of it I picked all the heart out and popped it in a bowl.  When she realised I wasn’t trying to poison her she ate it all, along with her biscuits and some lactose free milk.  Lucky puppy.

Mmmm. Piggy ears. Mmmm.

This week Flo’s been up to stay at Sunny’s house while I was out of the country for a few days.  She is a manipulative little so-n-so.  Whilst at Sunny’s she decided that she would refuse all food unless it contained Sunny’s biscuits or was lovingly mixed up with chicken liver.  This is not something that happens when she is at home.  She has two choices – take it or leave it.  On her first night back home she was back to her own biscuits.  No chicken liver.  And it didn’t kill her to eat it either.  So-n-so.

Happy birthday Flo Flo.

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4 Responses to 365 days…

  1. Oh Wow! A whole year?! That is fabulous.
    Happy Happy Barkday, Flo! And congratulations on filling this past year up the way you did. I am particularly interested in where you heard the ‘Lions roar’?
    Anyway, wishing you many, many more happy birthdays. You sure are a lucky pup to have made it into a loving home like yours. Enjoy your special day.
    With lotsaluv from me and lotsalicks from Toby, Tammy and King Toffee,

    • Flo says:

      Aww, thanks. 🙂 It’s fairly ridiculous given our geographic location, but can you believe we actually have lions living about 1.5km to 2km as the crow flies! Anyway, Flo is doing her job and I’m pleased to report that, to date, none have been sighted in the back garden.

  2. Oskar says:

    I hope that Flo had a wonderful birthday!

    I see that you’ve recently followed Pet Blogs United & I was wondering if you’d be interested in being one of our Weekly Featured Bloggers. If you are, contact us at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • Flo says:

      Thanks for stopping by Oskar, PBU is a great site, I’ve found lots of interesting blogs through it. Your Featured Blogger sounds like fun… I’ll send you an email.

      H and Flo

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