An uncomfortable truce.

She's behiiiind you!

As you know, Flo shares her residence with two cats, Fergus and George.  The dynamic is: Fergus hates George; George hates Flo; Fergus is okay with Flo; George teases Fergus; Flo wants to play with or chase everyone.  Fergus has lived with dogs in the past and has, from day one, reacted to Flo in a way which made her fairly boring as a target.  On the other hand George – dear, half-witted George – has never worked it out and the mere sound of his bell combined with his realisation that Flo is lurking in the vicinity inevitably results in a chase.  He is, of course, far quicker than Flo and has plenty of places to run.  Flo has, consequently, had her fair share of swipes and scratches across the nose.  It should be noted that George is not always the innocent party.  He will frequently lie across the hallway or block the top of the stairs knowing that she wants to get past him but that she daren’t run the gauntlet of his claws.  Well, the big news is that I feel as though we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough over the last fortnight.  George has suddenly calmed down in the presence of Mme Flo.  She has been permitted to sniff him for longer than a millisecond without being spat at, hissed at or swiped at… she has just about had her entire nose in George’s ear and has even managed a couple of licks.  At no point has George looked particularly comfortable, but he has brought his response down a peg.

Kitty yoga... the corkscrew

The kitty has landed... contact has been made...

It’s only taken a year, but this is George we’re talking about… not one noted for his intelligence.  Of course, all of that is the ‘inside’ relationship.  Outside he’s still fair fodder for chasing.

Flo and Fergus... nae probs.

Apologies to the Saturday Pet Blogger Hoppers, I haven’t quite worked out how to get the whole blog hopper list up yet, but at least I’ve managed to get the Linky Tools link posted this week!  Baby steps!

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11 Responses to An uncomfortable truce.

  1. Jodi Stone says:

    First I shall comment on your linky problem because I had the same thing and Pamela at Something Wagging was kind enough to help out. So I am “paying it forward.”

    The free wordpress blog does not support the linky tools. You have to manually create a link (which you did successfully!) Yay you!!

    So George and Flo remind me somewhat of the dynamics in our house. Sometimes Bob seems to want attention from the dogs and other times he swipes at them for no reason.

    Then there are times that Sampson won’t walk past the cat in the doorway and other times when he chases him out.

    The only real consistency I see is if Bob comes around the food dish; both dogs will snap at him.

    Dogs……and…….Cats. Who can figure them out?

    • Flo says:

      Thanks. Does that mean that I can’t actually display the bloggers’ thumbnails? I spent a bit of time trying to work it out but couldn’t so did what I could within the parameters of my sanity.

      Flo is a little more cautious around the cats’ food bowls than they are around hers…

      H and Flo. 🙂

  2. I am so glad you found us.

    Your Flo is absolutely gorgeous. OMG! And she’s got a fabulous sense of humor, so important for a rhodesian ridgeback.

    I am looking forward to Flo’s adventures.

    Terri and the hounds at Greyhound Gardens.

  3. No, I also have a free WordPress and the thumbnails don’t show up on our posts. But I found you there so hello! I also live with kitties. We get along OK but June Buggie likes to exert dominance and has been known to smack me for no reason! Not as often anymore, but still does occasionally.

  4. itsmebuddy says:

    It sounds it’s very interesting at your house! Enjoyed the post! Happy blogging!

    • Flo says:

      Hey there Buddy and Bear. Thanks for looking in. I was having a sneaky peak at your blog earlier on… I like the spooky pictures!

      H and Flo

  5. I thought I’d stop in and say hi and thank you for following my blog. I’m following yours now too. I only live with one cat, so it’s not quite as exciting as your house, but we have our moments. -Bongo

  6. The kitty yoga corkscrew was so cute!
    The beginning of your post had me a little mixed up because I’m newly aquainted with Flo, George, and Fergus and had me doodling a little diagram:P

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