One day at a time…

Things are ticking along with the Flo and George, thankfully.  Flo had an allergic reaction to something which manifest itself as lumpy skin – we don’t know what caused it, but that’s cleared up with some medication from the v-e-t.  George was also in a fight last Tuesday morning (the day after Fergus’ accident) and had a wound on his leg which wasn’t scabbing over, so he’s on anti-biotics.  I hadn’t taken him in to the v-e-t on Tuesday because I didn’t want to risk stressing Fergus out at that particular point – her life was so precarious – one sniff of George and she could’ve toppled over the edge.  So, poor old George had to tough it out for a couple of days.  Anyhow, he was due his vaccinations and I was taking Flo in for her skin so he got sorted out later on in the week.  I’ve got to laugh (in a slightly hysterical ‘what next’ way) because the fish pond sprang a fairly serious leak and almost emptied of water on Sunday, so the fish are also under a certain amount of stress as I’m having to top their environment up on a daily basis.  I haven’t been using water conditioner because I don’t actually know how much water the pond takes – I’ve never had to drain it and don’t know its entire dimensions so I’ve been putting the hose on spray and letting it run in over the plants after it’s been agitated.  Thankfully chlorine is such a volatile chemical it much prefers being in a gaseous state and comes out of the water with very little encouragement – all seems to be well in the pond… no floating fish yet!

Flo and I had an exciting walk on Thursday – we went to one of our usual spots, which is out by the airport, and lo and behold, Air Force One taxied past us.  Right there.  In yer face right there.  I was that close to the President of the United States of America with Flo, who is arguably a weapon of mass destruction.

Now to Fergus’ progress, which is almost all-consuming in our household

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since I ran Fergus over.  I’m not beating myself up about the accident, but of course I feel awful that my cat is going through this and it is my fault.

I went in to see her today and took some of her little fish treats in to try to encourage her to eat.  She has to get her strength up if she’s to get over this operation.  It was so hard to see her in the state she was in.  She’s not as perky as before the op, and she looks like she’s gone 10 rounds in the boxing ring.  She’s been getting fluids subcutaneously, so she’s also puffed up.  She’s just a shadow of herself. It’s heartbreaking.  The vet is concerned that she’s not that interested in food, but he also thinks that she’s fretting a bit and wants to get her home as soon as he can.  I wish I could make her understand that she’s got to show the v-e-t that she can eat without appetite stimulating drugs before she can go home.  When I gave her one of her little dried fish, she showed a bit of interested and sniffed at it, licked it and did have a bit of a go at it, but she didn’t actually eat it.  I nipped up to the supermarket and came back with some lactose free yoghurt – something she likes a lot.  She’s a bit of a hard one because she’s not really a huge fan of any particular food – George’ll come running a mile at the mere metion of sushi and Flo will do almost anything for a bit of tuna but Fergus… well, she’s not easily bribed.  Anyway, she did lick about half a dessert spoon or more of yoghurt, which the v-e-t was quite pleased about.  This evening I’ve come home and made some chicken stock for her, which I’ll take in tomorrow, along with one of her own feeding dishes.  I’m not sure if she’ll be interested in that, but I’ll try anything.  She did also get up and walk around a bit for me and I know she was pleased to see me.  I am sure she will recover more in her own environment, even if she is confined to a crate.

Seeing Fergus in such a state did make me do some hard thinking as I walked Flo this evening.  If she goes downhill, I think I have to let her go.  I don’t want her to go through any more, it’s not fair.  Hopefully it won’t come to that.

One day at a time.

What a difference in Fergus this afternoon.  She had eaten some of her normal food and yoghurt again today, but not without receiving medication first.  Even so, that little bit of food is obviously making her feel stronger.  When I went in she was up and around, communicating and just much perkier.  She’s still in a right mess, but I’m much more encouraged than I was last night.  Her wounds are still very red, but she doesn’t seem to be quite so swollen and the amount of air below her skin seems to have decreased.  The v-e-t was going to give her another shot to help her eat again this evening and then offer her something from the feline deli that he’s got going on for her.  She was really interested to see what was going on outside her little cage, which I think is another good sign.

When I arrived at the v-e-t’s this afternoon he informed me that he didn’t think Fergus was as chirpy as she had been the day before and he was worried because he would’ve expected her to have eaten on her own, without appetite stimulators, by now.  He ushered me through for my daily visit and Fergus was pleased to see me, greeting me with lots of purrs and face-rubbing.  She certainly appeared to be pretty bright to me and was definitely looking for pats – she hasn’t been behaving like that for the v-e-t.  It also looked as if some of the swelling had gone down.  While I was there he thought he’d try her on a bit of her normal tinned food saying that he didn’t think she’d be interested.  Little Miss Contrary dove in, simply to prove him wrong.  Then she wanted more, which she of course got.  I think she would’ve had even more but we thought she’d had enough at that point!  How wonderful.  It made the v-e-t’s day and it’s certainly made mine.  We’re even talking about getting her home on Friday.  It’s hard to believe.  She’s amazing.  😀

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11 Responses to One day at a time…

  1. Declan says:

    Well that is amazingly good news; I’m really glad for all of you. You certainly could do with a break I’m sure! Deccy x

    ps. I’m having real problems with blogger;I’m not been notified of new posts so I’m having to trawl around blogs individually, so if I miss you at some point, I ain’t being rude! Also it seems most people aren’t being notified of my new posts. May well have to change to WordPress!

  2. Hi there Flo,
    What a road you have had to journey this past week. Sometimes it gets that way – when there is only one way…and that is for things to pick up. Hope the fish tank too gets sorted and George heals up too.
    I must say, your ‘diary’ reminds me of what my vet said to me one day…”Take her home. Some animals simply do better in their own environment.”
    I have a feeling that when Fergus gets home, she’ll feel a lot better and want to get better. Sometimes long stays in a different environment don’t do any good.
    But you will know what to do. I am sure. You have been amazing!
    Thinking of you and sending lotsaluv

    • Flo says:

      Yes, you are right, the only way is up. Both the vet and I are sure Fergus will do better at home. We know how important our animals are to us but sometimes I think we forget how important we are to them… it’s not just the 3 square meals a day they need, it’s the familiarity of home life and routines.


  3. That smiley face tells it all…you have been going through so much lately….good news is the best thing to hear…Friday is not far off! Cheers!

    • Flo says:

      Thank you Ron. She’ll only be home for the weekend and then back to the v-e-t’s during the week as I’ll be back working during the day. She really isn’t out of the woods but she’s doing really well thanks.


  4. Pippadog says:

    Wow! I thought I would find some new blogs to read, and here I am landing right in the middle of your trials and troubles. So sorry to hear about Fergus. My dad did the samething to their 18 month old dog a zillion years ago 😦 – paws crossed for Fergus.

    Separately, we had a ridgie in my later youth, so I love to read about them on dogblogs – there is one on my blogroll, Nala, who is very beautiful. Don’t know if you have seen that one.

    Umm, what else? Oh yes, my partner and I spent some years in Aus. How far north are you??

    Sorry, I’m signed in as the dog and should be writing as me for once!

    • Flo says:

      Glad you found us and our potted drama posts! It’s lovely having Fergie home for the weekend, although she isn’t impressed by her current crated living arrangements!

      I don’t think I’ve seen Nala’s blog – I shall go looking once I have a bit of time again.

      As for Australia, we’re right at the top in cyclone country. 🙂 Where about were you?


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