Reclaiming the blog!

It’s time to turn the blog back over the Flo!  We’ve had a fairly quiet life centring around home, punctuated with our evening walks.  This week we managed a couple of puppy play dates when it was great to catch up with the gang; Flo ran herself ragged and had a whale of a time jumping into the creek with Sammy, chasing pandanus nuts.  I am watching her closely for signs that her legs are stiff after so much exertion.  She does seem a bit less nimble today and she didn’t really run as much when we were down at the beach this morning.

We pretty much had the beach to ourselves again today, which was good because Flo’s behaviour has been distinctly less than fabulous… she’s been a bit naughty barking at a couple of people recently.  She barked at a poor man spear fishing in the shallows last week and wouldn’t stop – she’s lucky she didn’t end up having a traditional spear thrown at her.  Today she barked at someone who came down the steps after us, but she was fine when I spoke to him and she had had a chance to say hello to his dogs.  I had taken some liver treats with me just in case and we did a bit of re-focusing work with her when a couple walked past.  Flo did very well.  I’m not sure why she’s suddenly started to display her ridgeback ability to bale things up at the beach… we’ll just have to train our way out of it.

While we didn’t really bump into any other dogs to play with, there were plenty of shore birds and seagulls, as well as quite a few of the deadly box jellyfish… one of the reasons that the beaches are a bit deserted.  October to May is stinger season, January to December is crocodile season – you just don’t get in the water!  Actually, we don’t really worry about the crocodiles for the most part, they’re more likely to be up the creeks, but you do see them basking on the beaches.

Box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri)

We also saw a young frill necked lizard.  He wouldn’t put his frill up for us, but I managed to get a couple of shots.  I have to say that Flo was very well behaved, she lay down and waited for me to take a couple of photos.

Of course, our routine on returning from the beach is to have a wash, shampoo and rinse.  I have to say that, although this is not Flo’s favourite thing, she behaves very well.  I don’t have to tie her up, she just stands and takes it!  She even stood there while Fitzy, the cat from along the road, one of Flo’s favourite targets for chasing, waltzed past the gate and sat under the car watching (taunting) for a while.  It was effectively his way of putting two feline fingers up at Flo.  I think that was revenge for the last time Flo chased him up a tree.  Fitzy 1 – Flo 1.

Hurry up.
Must. get. dry. Ruuuuuuub.
Go away.

Last night I watched ‘Red Dog’ with some friends.  It’s the latest in a a run of quirky Australian films, this one made by Roadshow Films, and it’s based on the true story of a Kelpie that lived out in the Pilbara region of Western Australia in the 1970s.  I highly recommend it – it’s a film with a sense of humour.  I’m not sure how widely released it will be in other parts of the world.  If’ you’d like to find out more, click on the links below.

And now to Fergus.  I think she’s doing really well.  She’s been at home for a week now, with a couple of days in at the v-e-t’s so that they could assess her.  I feel confident in saying that we are now taking things 2 days at a time!  She’s still on antibiotics but is eating and drinking well.  Food is making its way through her system with the assistance of a couple of ml of oil each meal time, and we’ve had two litter tray victories in a row – yesterday and today.  A huge improvement on 3 visits in 11 days!  I am concerned at quite how obsessed I am with checking the contents of the litter tray!  She seems to start to get ravenous at about 5am, when she starts getting really antsy and won’t let me go back to sleep until I’ve fed her.  I’ve been holding out until 6.30am!

The kids went mad making origami cat heads for Fergus…

She seems to be accepting her restricted lifestyle for the moment, but it will be good when we can let her out for a wander.  Her last v-e-t visit was Thursday and they don’t want to see her again until this coming Thursday, when they’ll think about taking her stitches out.

I’m very, very pleased with her.  I’m still amazed by her resiliance, both physical and mental, and her ability to repair and recover.  I know we’re not there yet, but I can dare to think that we might actually get there at all.

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20 Responses to Reclaiming the blog!

  1. Declan says:

    Glad Flo is doing so well. Mum is really envious of all the wildlife you have down there. She says she once adopted a Tree Frog is Townsville & all the locals thought she was completely barmy for being so interested in it! (Well she is!) Red Dog is one of Mum’s favourite books so she really hopes we can get to see the film over here. BTW Flo is looking fabulous… obviously!! Deccy x

    • Flo says:

      Green tree frogs are brilliant! We love them, but not so much when we have to turn the volume up on the telly because they make SOOOOOOO much noise on a rainy night. I’ll put some photos up for you when I get some this wet season. 🙂

      The end of the movie is a bit different to the book, but it’s still good.

  2. Declan says:

    Err I mean glad Fergie is doing so well – it’s a little early over here. Hehe! Deccy x

  3. So glad she’s feeling better! Beautiful pictures. I bark at certain people too, mostly when strange men come close to my mommy.
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

    • Flo says:

      Thanks Nola. 🙂 Flo mostly chooses men to bark at… and usually when they’re heading towards us. She’s just protecting me, but she’s got to learn.

  4. Bongo says:

    So glad Fergus is doing better. Wish I could hand out with Flo on the beach and chase one of those lizards. Our lizards are puny compared to that.

  5. The beach looked like a lot of fun, however, your critters are way different than our beach critters.

    Yay for the kitty!

    • Flo says:

      🙂 I suspect that I might prefer your beach critters. Maybe your critters and our water temperature…

      Yayayayayayayayayay for the kitty!

  6. bonesdiary says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I absolutely love it. What an amazing place you live in! All these different animals to play with, and some perhaps not as friendly. I asked Skinny Alf what a crocodile is, he says its like a big handbag with legs and if I met one I should definately fight with it; suits me! What confused me though is how come a fish made of jelly that lives in a box can be so deadly? Close the lid!!!!

  7. Neat! A movie about a Kelpie–since Sage is half Kelpie, we’ll have to see if we can find it or at least read the book…

  8. Uptown Dog says:

    Crocodiles and jellyfish…what an adventure! I can’t wait to see what you are up to next.

  9. pippadogblog says:

    So pleased to hear about Fergus.

    Master says those crocks and sea snakes up your way are pretty nasty.


  10. Those are some amazing creatures you have there.
    Still rejoicing about Fergus’s recovery…simply unbelievable!

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