Super Fergus


The news so far is good.  She’s come through the surgery well and her lungs stayed inflated which is a HUGE relief.

Even the wonderfully (and wonderful) dour v-e-t is happy.  The v-e-t is happy.

It seems this was a blessing in disguise.  One thing that I’d always been warned about was that there could be complications further down the line because of damaged tissue and an inability to predict what would happen with it.  Well, it was damaged fatty tissue that had come out through a hole about the size of a 10cent piece at the base of Fergus’ sternum.  It has been removed, with the added bonus that it enabled them to have a poke around and see if they could see any other suspicious areas… and they couldn’t find any.  All the permanent stitches that were put in last time look good.

Fergus will be in overnight and we’ll see how things are tomorrow.

I have suggested that instead of sutchures they use velcro.  Just in case.

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14 Responses to Super Fergus

  1. Declan says:

    Oh I’m so pleased for you all! We feel like Fergus is a member of our family too, having followed all the events! As I’ve said before, she really reminds Mum of Wamster, who was a special favourite. Here’s hoping the news continues to be good! Deccy x

    • Flo says:

      Thanks! It’s funny how you feel drawn to animals that look like yours. She’s a bit of a star, I think. And to get a happy (almost emotional) reaction from Mr Cautious the v-e-t too. Very relieved household. Sigh.

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    Great news! Hope you can now relax and enjoy Christmas.

    • Flo says:

      Thanks Bassas. Not sure about relaxing and enjoying Christmas though – apparently we’ve got a high chance of a cyclone forming on Friday! Better clear out the store room!

  3. Bongo says:

    So glad Fergus is doing well. We’re really attached to that cat we’ve never met. (Did I say that about a cat?)

  4. That’s great news! Do you have a name for what ails Fergus? And are you kidding about the velcro? [Please excuse me if that’s a stupid question ;p]

  5. Uptown Dog says:

    That’s great news! I just knew Fergus would pull through.

  6. So happy for you! Keep us updated
    Dachshund Nola

  7. That is great news…Fergus is doing so well. Remember…live in the moment!
    With love

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