Flo Joins the Jet Set

It’s our turn to go visiting!  This time we’ve jetted off to Western Australia to stay with friends and with Flo’s very first playmate, Mackie Boomba.  We left at mid-day, which isn’t ideal because it means travelling in the heat, but it was that or book a non-direct flight, which would’ve taken a lot longer.  Three hours after leaving we arrived. It should’ve been a 3.5 hour trip but we had a tail wind. It’s not the first time Flo’s had a tail wind.

Crated up and ready for the off.

I managed to see Flo coming off the plane – she didn’t look very happy – the tail was firmly planted between the legs but she’d obviously had some canine company as a few other dogs came off at the same time, and the burley baggage handlers gave them all a bit of a scratch as they were loaded onto their vehicle to the handling depot.

Mackie Boomba re-introduced himself by stealing Flo’s Kong.  It’s fair to say she wasn’t really interested in it because she hadn’t touched it on the flight.

Kong thief!

It wasn’t long before they were running around like lunatics together, playing tug of war and generally winding each other up.

Flo slotted right in with polite cafe society and had her first ride in a convertible.  She wasn’t phased in the least, behaving beautifully, though Mr Boomba was there to set a good example.

I imagine that this is what dogs do in Paris...

Are we there yet?

And finally we had a great play on the beach.  Mackie is full of beans ALL THE TIME!  There is no off button.

What a good doggy time was had.  Zzzzzzzzz.

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16 Responses to Flo Joins the Jet Set

  1. Declan Greyhound says:

    Wow! Dogs don’t really think about travelling on planes in the UK do they?! It makes the Mondeo seem a tad unglamerous. Love that purple harness in the convertible…. Deccy x

  2. Great photos! At first, I felt bad for her in that crate, but then I saw her on the beach, in the convertible and at the cafe, and figured that all more than made up for the plane ride! 🙂

    • Flo says:

      I felt bad for her in the crate too, believe me, and I’m not looking forward to putting her in it to go home again, BUT, I know she’s better off with me and her buddy!

  3. kate says:

    I love the picture of Flo on the beach

    urban hounds

  4. Anna says:

    So do you fly with Flo often?? I imagine they would kinda get used to it like anything else over time. How did you prep her? I see a bottle in there how is that rigged? I have never done this with Luna but it sounds very interesting. I have a friend who worked for the airlines, for a while I thought of sending her down to Texas to finish her show CH… but in the end we didn’t need to.
    Glad she had fun with her buddy, always fun to have a dog to wear yours out.

    • Flo says:

      No, we’ve never travelled together before. Flo flew over unaccompanied when she was 8 weeks old. As far as prep went, I didn’t feed her the night before; the time of the flight would’ve meant that she needed to ‘go’ mid-flight. I gave her a light meal a few hours before we flew. I also took her out for a walk in the morning and she came to run a few errands with me to so that she was worn out. The water bottle is actually frozen, and it’s attached with cable ties. The idea is that she can lick the condensation off if she gets thirsty. I also gave her a frozen Kong so that she had something to do. When she arrived at the other end, the Kong hadn’t been touched and she had sleep in her eyes, so I think she just slept.

  5. Happy Easter, and it sure looks like that scary flight was worth it!


  6. Wazeau says:

    Wonderful pictures! Love the two of them playing on the beach.

  7. Oh gosh! How exciting! This is rather inspiring and gets me thinking. Looks like Flo tolerated the flight pretty well 🙂 your holiday looks fabulous and Flo looks born to ride convertibles lol. Mackie Boomba – what a great name!

  8. raisingdaisy says:

    Well it sounds like Flo had a fabulous time! She behaved much better than Daisy would, I’m sure! 🙂

  9. Hey Flo, Jet here. Did someone say Jet????

    Wow, you lucky K9! Convertible, beach, travel… way to go!

  10. Bassas Blog says:

    Great photos! I especially like the one of Flo in the convertible – very cool!

  11. Amazing photos and looks to be an awesome trip!
    I have been enjoying your blog and seeing your photo captures of the moments you choose to share for quite some time now. Reading your posts and sharing in your adventures has been rewarding for me and I believe you deserve the Creative Capture Blogging Award. Please enjoy the fact that someone out here in the blogosphere enjoys your photo captures of the moments you choose to share. Stop by to get your badge if you would like to show others your award status. Keep blogging, keep photographing, and keep sharing. Congratulations and enjoy! : )

    Award Info: https://justramblinpier.wordpress.com/

    Badge: http://justramblinpier.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/creative-award-ii.jpg

    Just Ramblin’

  12. Looks like the lifestyle suits Flo – ha!

  13. Jodi Stone says:

    I felt bad for her in the crate too! I won’t fly the dogs unless I can be with them, so they don’t fly. 🙂 I’m such a baby.

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