10 Things I Forgot About Owning A Puppy

10  They like to play catch the trouser leg… while you’re in the trousers.
9    They can go from 60-0 in 3 seconds flat.
8    I make a lot of errors when ‘errorless housetraining’.  Sorry Dr Dunbar, but if only you could teach them to read life would be so much easier.
7    No matter what time I have to take the puppy downstairs for a wee, the sprinkler will go off and I will get soaked.
6    Mosquitoes love it when I take the puppy downstairs in the middle of the night.
5    Having a shower to the sound of howling becomes normal.
4    A puppy can transform half a cup of food into a relatively large amount of poo, which I become obsessive about checking.
3    They’re really mobile.
2    They fart.  A lot.
1    They instantly get under your skin and you can’t imagine life without them.  As you stand there in your torn clothes.  Covered in scratches.  Mopping up wee.  🙂

Any of you new puppy owners have anything to add?

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33 Responses to 10 Things I Forgot About Owning A Puppy

  1. Ahhh – love your post – Good Luck! Happy Friday! I love the last photo of the two playing together – utter sweetness.

  2. i LOVE the last reason…. my little monster is 2 and a half now and oh boy was she a handful as a puppy. it was like having a new born and a toddler all into one fury little 3 lb ball. but as bad as they are, my life would not be the same without her 🙂 she is the light of my life

  3. rumpydog says:

    Good thing they’re so darn cute!!!!

  4. Loved it! I have one to add: you appreciate your suddenly perfectly behaved (comparatively) older dog SO much more 😉
    Nola’s Mom

  5. Declan Greyhound says:

    I knew there was a good reason for adopting adult dogs…. cos they are problem free….NOT…. x

  6. Great list! It’s been quite a while since I had a puppy. It was so helpful having an older dog that can help keep them entertained because I know I didn’t have the energy to keep up with the pup.

  7. Ah, yes. Sleepless nights and boundless energy! How can we forget and then do it all over again?

  8. Hello!!
    Don’t freak out and think I am crazy, trying to make you buy into a pyramid scheme or am an imprisoned prince looking for bail money!
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    Thanks. Your potential new friend Lisa! 😀 hehe

  9. dogdaz says:

    Super list. The eyes – the eyes are what always gets me with the puppies.

  10. HaHaHA! It’s been a while since Tommy was a puppy but I do remember the gigantic quantities of poo. On the farting, however, my vet does seem to think that it is closely related to what food they eat, some friends being a lot more fart-friendly than others. I was warned about Royal Canin, and made my own discovery with Burns.

    • Flo says:

      Hmmm. Well, Elsie is on different food to the kind that Flo was on and they are both farters! The cats are on Royal Canin and no smells there… so, perhaps we can deduce from that that Elsie and Flo inherited the stinky gene!

  11. Wazeau says:

    #4 – oh yea, I remember that…. 🙂

  12. Heavens! It’s still legal to use sprinklers up your way??! I love the picture of Flo playing pull with Elsie. So gentle! I imagine she could pick the little tyke up and swing her around if she wanted to 😉 I don’t actually remember what it’s like to have a puppy. Jehan and Farouk were the last pups we adopted and that was more than 20 years ago.

    • Flo says:

      No, it’s not illegal to use sprinklers up here, even in the dry season. I’m making an effort to try and regain some lawn after HRH Fab destroyed the watering system last year. It’s coming back sloooooowly. Hope you’re all in one piece down there…. looks a bit wild at the moment…

  13. I think the farting thing stick no matter how old your dog is 😉

  14. Hey Flo, Jet here. Hi Miss H.

    Oh my… Mom’s always rescued older felines and K9s, so she appreciated (and giggled a little) at your list! We haven’t had the chance to congratulate your family Flo… may you have years and years of waggy times together.

  15. Goose says:

    Your list is absolutely perfect! Even at 9 months, I can still catch a pant leg or knee in about 2.3 seconds, especially down stairs!!! And I totally agree with the Number 1!

  16. Haha! This is so true. I may have to reread this every time I get the urge for yet another one!

    Your new follower
    from http://hewaggedhistail.blogspot.com/

  17. Jodi Stone says:

    Look at her going up against the big dog!! LOL does it scare you a little thinking…..maybe Flo was the good one? 😉

  18. Great (and funny) list.

    I remember being in tears when Honey’s razor teeth caught first my sweater and then my skin.

    And I want to know if Dr. Dunbar ever house trained any puppies without errors. 🙂

  19. It’s fabulous and hard times all wrapped up in one. You never want them to grow up but you do sometimes need some sleep, or furniture in one piece. I love it. Getting broody for a puppy again. Oh dear!

  20. What fun! They grow up far too fast.

  21. Emma says:

    This reminded my mom of all the puppy stuff she had selectively forgotten, but she would have another puppy in a heartbeat! Great post!

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