One Mother, Two Very Different Puppies!

I’ve been thinking this week about how different the two dogs are.  Flo was a dream puppy; I think I realised that at the time.  She didn’t start her shenanigans until she was about 7 months old and her leg injury first appeared – that was when she was first ‘rested’ and consequently went looking for trouble things to occupy herself while I was out.  Circumstances were very different when I got Flo – I had six weeks holiday to spend with her and, in fact, for the first week of her life, when she was awake I was never out of her sight.  When you don’t have to get up for work in the morning, getting up at stupid o’clock to take the puppy downstairs isn’t such a biggie.  When you do have to go to work each morning, with a smile on your face and leaving all grumpiness behind, it is a biggie.  I’m feeling that with Elsie.

Anyway, here are some of the differences that stand out so far between the dogs.  Firstly, Flo persisted with Kongs from the very beginning.  She would lie there and go at it until it was empty.  Elsie has a 30 second attention span.  Even with unfrozen, soft food inside a Kong she’s not interested unless it’s really easy to get out.  She also gives up with the biscuit balls straight away.  Her short attention span is Flo’s gain.  🙂

Flo wasn’t really a chewer (of my furniture or my things – she’s chewed stuffies and her beds).  There is one set of teeth marks on the foot of the couch where she had a quick chew when she was little.  That’s it.  Elsie bites into everything.  I know I’m going to find marks all over the furniture as time goes on.  We’ve just been to visit Aunty J and I had to remove her from a few pieces of furniture and retrieve a pair of flip flops she found and decided would make good chew toys.

Durability 9… still going

Flo is very calm around food.  I don’t remember her getting hyper when her bowl came out.  I think she must’ve eaten more quickly when she was a puppy because I’ve got her a Go Slow bowl.  Elsie wolfs dinner down and bounces around for more as though there are 11 other litter mates just waiting to get in on the action.  We’re working on that one!  There’s no point in getting her a Go Slow or Scoff Stopper until she’s a bit bigger.

For a long time Flo thought the verandah was her toilet.  I got to calling it the poop deck.  Elsie’s much better on that front.  Although she does still leave one or two pees up there on the tarp, for the most part she’s doing what she has to either on the grass or in the bushes.  Hurrah!

Flo took a couple of weeks (or maybe even longer) to start going up and down the stairs.  Elsie was doing it on the second day.  She can beat me upstairs now.

Poor little Elsie has been thrown straight into the life of being owned by a person who works full-time. Her love of food has made training her to ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘wait’ quite easy.  With Flo I remember sitting there calmly in the living room, doing it by the book, with treats as incentive… Elsie worked it out within a couple of days, at the food bowl, no treats required!  That’s not to say that Flo was hard to train, she wasn’t.  Elsie’s also learning that bouncing around as I’m walking to the door with her food bowl in my hand doesn’t get me there any quicker.  She bounces, I stop.  She stops bouncing, I walk.  This morning and yesterday I even got her to wait until Flo’s milk was down on the floor and then to follow me to where I was going to put her bowl.  She didn’t dive in to Flo’s bowl at all.

Theoretically they should have 25% of their genes in common, which means of course that they don’t share 75%. They are both gorgeous though… it’s possible that I may be subjective.  🙂

The good news of the week is that Flo’s leg is much better.  She still had a pronounced limp the first week that Elsie was here – I was a bit concerned that the running she was going to do with the puppy would make things worse… it seems to have had the opposite effect.  When she gets up after a rest she limps for 2 steps and then she walks normally.  Now, this also coincides with me giving her a different sort of Apple Cider Vinegar, which is a lot cloudier than the last stuff (that means it has more of the ‘mother’ in it) so I’m wondering if that is also making a difference.  Who knows.  I’m just pleased she’s on the mend.

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17 Responses to One Mother, Two Very Different Puppies!

  1. dachshundnola says:

    Glad she’s getting better!
    I so know what you mean, even though Nola and Phoenix aren’t related. Phee chews every single thing in sight, Nola chewed on exactly one pair of shoes and one chair leg. Phee is hard to get to focus, Nola is always focused. Phee gulps food, Nola savored. Phee is crazy on a leash, Nola required almost no training. Phee hates bath time and screams, Nola quietly tolerates it. Nola thinks for her self and is whip smart, Phee is a space cadet LOL
    Nola’s Mom

    • Flo says:

      Awww, bless her little space cadet heart! We have the same lead problem here… I forgot about that. I think that’s my fault though… Flo had a lead on her from day one, every time I took her down for a wee at night. Elsie only met a lead last week for puppy pre-school. She wriggles backwards and works against it so we’ve got some work to do there!

  2. Hey there Last Person In Oz to Drop Into Bali, you know what I think? Elsie is going to be a smarty (not that Flo isn’t). I think the short attention span is a clue. When you say she doesn’t finish her treats in the Kong and it’s Flo’s gain, I hope you don’t mean …how can I say this delicately?… Fab is getting f.a.t?! 🙂

    I’ve found that with 2 dogs in the family, they pick up tricks from one another, usually the younger/newer from the elder. So who knows? Elsie may start pooping on the deck soon. KIDDING! On the bright side, they looks absolutely gorgeous together. Flo is a great big sister! Glad to hear her leg is better, whatever the reason. If you ever find out that it really is that ACV, please let me know what it is. Time for a siesta. Hooroo! X

    • Flo says:

      Hee hee. I had pinned great hopes on Elsie, that she was finally going to be ‘the smart one’ out of the animals. 🙂 You may well be right. I watched today, as I drove up to the gate, how Elsie sat under the house with Flo, and she was looking at Flo’s every move – up until now Elsie has bolted down to the end of the driveway but today, she sat, watching and learning. She still bolted down the driveway, but not at the first sight/sound of the car.

      The ACV is ‘Melrose. Organic’. It was only $5 in Discount Chemist Warehouse. I think it was Discount Chemist Warehouse anyhow… must pay more attention next time.

      Fear not! Flo’s waistline is being carefully monitored.

  3. Declan Greyhound says:

    One of the (minor) reasons I got Dec was because he is closely related to Flynn. So there’d be some similarities, right? Stupid idea, really stupid! You couldn’t find two dogs that were more different… but I don’t think I can say that I love Dec any less…. well not most of the time anyway!

  4. Howdy All, yep we know about two pups being different but we had them at the same time. Obviously ours aren’t related hehe. We got Stella first and had her for eight weeks alone before we got Rory. At this time she was 4 months old and he was 2 months. It was good and not so good. Stella was very food possessive but this has now gone with a bit of hard work. Rory toilet trained really easily, Stella is a little grub and will still have the odd accident inside, grrrrr. Stella is totally food focused, Rory can take it or leave it (and he’s the big fella!). She is totally alert all the time, Rory likes to sleep his day away. Still we wouldn’t have it any other way. We try to take it all in our stride. I sort of compare it to having kids. We have 5 children, they are all different but have some similarities. Dogs aye, we couldn’t live without them! No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  5. Litchi, my dog, fits perfectly into the Elsie characteristics. I think she has A.D.D. Actually, it’s quite nice to have two such different personalities in the house (except, of course, for your furniture). I adore the first photo – Elsie’s legs splayed sideways, trying to win the tug of war and the second photo is just cuteness personified.

  6. You may be subjective, but they ARE gorgeous! I have always been taken by Flo’s beauty, and now with Elsie in the picture, it’s almost too pretty to look at! I LOVE the photo of the two of them snuggling together. When I first read that you were getting another female, I thought there might be some jealousy between them, but they look like they really adore one another. And I’m so glad to hear that Flo is doing better!

    • Flo says:

      Awww, thanks Laurie. Flo has always been great with any dog – male or female, so I was happy she’d be okay with another female. 🙂


  7. Sheba's life story. says:

    I’ve just hopped over on the Extreme pet blogger blog hop to say hi.

    I love that second photo.

  8. Jodi Stone says:

    If they share a mother wouldn’t they then have 50% of shared DNA?
    I think Elsie is probably very good for Miss Flo and love the picture of the two of them snuggled up together. It also looks like Flo plays very nicely, recognizing that Elsie isn’t quite ready for wrestling with a full-on Ridgeback. 🙂

    • Flo says:

      Each parent gives one of a possible 2 chromosomes, so each offspring gets half its DNA from each parent. However, offspring 1 may get chromosome A and offspring 2 may get chromosome B, so the chances are that full siblings will share 50% of their DNA. As Flo and Elsie are only half sisters, the shared DNA reduces by half. I’m not sure if that’s very clear… sorry, it’s been years since I did this at uni. Basically, each sister will have 50% of its mother’s DNA but not necessarily the same 50%. The other 50% of their DNA comes from different fathers. 🙂

  9. raisingdaisy says:

    That photo of Elsie and Flo snuggling together is beyond sweet and cute!

    I’ve seen human siblings from the same two parents who are nothing at all alike. You never know how far back their genes go. 🙂

  10. Bassetmomma says:

    Oh I had to laugh at this post! It brings back the “puppy” days with Fred. Elsie sounds so different from Flo, I think she’ll be keeping you busy and I’m sure Flo will help teach her some manners. I’m glad to hear that Flo’s leg is doing better too. That last picture of the two of them is priceless! 🙂

  11. 2browndawgs says:

    Gosh I am so terribly far behind, I did not know you got a new PUPPY! Cute, cute, cute! That last picture is precious.

  12. Hey Flo, Jet here. HI Miss Heather.

    Fascinating how the gene pool and nurturing works. We love, love, the pictures of Flo and Elsie together, we did a big awwww! Hope Flo’s leg continues to improve.

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