H, On Things That Aren’t Going To Change The World

What???  Another post that hasn’t really got anything to do with les animaux?  Unbeflippinglievable.  Call the RSPCA.

Things I’ve remembered this week…

This pic from here
  • Housework is actually easier/close to enjoyable while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd &Blondie.  🙂
  • I need a new front gate.
  • I need a new deck.  I’m going to have to do that one myself.  Pah!
  • Squeezing a duvet back into the bag from which it exploded requires skills only possessed by Harry Houdini.
  • I’m not Harry Houdini.

This fab knitted kitty is from Gizmo & Stitch!

  • Fergus sheds, well, a shedload of fur. I could thatch a roof with her sheddings.  Or knit another cat.  Could.  I’m not actually going to do either.
  • Darwin City Council takes away all your old junk from your yard FOR FREE before the cyclone season starts… great if you don’t have a towbar or ute.  Hooray.  Bye bye old rubbish that’s been lying downstairs for months.  At least I know that not all of my rates money goes towards the bin truck leaving my bin lying on its side in the driveway or road.
  • Ridgebacks grow bloody fast – Elsie’s into a big dog bed.
This picture came from here
  • Even though the ‘cool’ dry season has gone it doesn’t actually start to rain until we’ve had some really stinking hot weather.
  • Housework’s not fun in stinking hot weather.  Even with Lynyrd Skynyrd & Blondie.
  • Ross River virus hangs around longer than a bad
    This pic from here

    smell.  Despite what the literature may say.

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11 Responses to H, On Things That Aren’t Going To Change The World

  1. 😀 Very funny and there were some items regarding animals – no need to call RSPCA. Never heard of Ross River virus but will be sure to avoid it now.

  2. Declan Greyhound says:

    Mum is rushing to find her Parallel Lines album as I type! Did you know that the gorgeous Deborah is now 67? Depressed the hell out of Mum. Deb was her first love you see, followed a few years later by Annie Lennox (59 ;-( ) It’s a wonder more people didn’t see what was coming…. Love to the kids – you should mention them more…..;-) Deccy x

    • Flo says:

      Well, Deb and Annie are both particularly lovely ladies! I think Annie is aging better. I used to have ‘Blondie are cool’ written on my Maltesers pencil tin at school. 🙂

      • Declan Greyhound says:

        Mum had it scratched on her desk with a quill….Bwwwhahaha!
        “Un beint or cwru” Never say that we are not prepared! 😉

  3. Before cyclone season starts. Very kind otherwise there’d be all kinds of missiles impaling people flying around. I have to check when council is coming round here. We get white goods day, other furniture and rubbish, electricals. And the really potent stuff like meds, batteries, paints and solvents you have to deliver yourself to the depot. Bah. I even have to clear the leaves from the storm drain by the road. On the good side, we have a trash and treasure swop day.

    No harm in posts without dogs. I think I’m going to have to go find more non dog blogs to read now so I don’t feel so bad about dogless posts. I love the cartoons. 50s housework illustrations are the best! I vacuum and sing capoeira songs … best time because no one can hear me over the vroom vroom. So sleepy. I fell asleep in front of telly before 8.

    • Flo says:

      That’s great that your council does the same thing… it makes life so much easier. I have to laugh at the ingenuity of the kids ’round here though – they were going up and down the street removing the copper from the appliances! So much smarter than I ever was!

      Sleep well and sleep in… IT’S THE WEEKEND, HOORAY!!

  4. Howdy All, houseworks not much fun in any weather! If I only listened to music when I did my housework I wouldn’t hear much hehe. Crowded House, Pearl Jam and Neil Young help me along. We too have Blondie but on vinyl! so that shows my age too.

    Lucky you get a pick up from the Council once a year. We had two roadside pickups for hard rubbish and then Council decided it was too expensive so they stopped. Everyone loved them, there was lots of recycling going on too between houses. We live in a bushfire prone area and have only just got a Green Bin for cuttings, etc a couple of months ago! Anyhoo, don’t bother with the housework much, play with the dogs and enjoy your music. Hope your weekend is fine. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  5. Rose says:

    Council pick-up??? wow! whatsat?? We get charged in our rates for the privilege of having a dump where we can go with our rubbish – and then when we arrive they ask for $10 admission – TRUE!!
    Anyways I dropped by to tell you I followed the YOUtube link for Mental with no worries and I’m going. to. LOVE. it. Bwah hahahaha. Thanks “H” !

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    Hahaha! Very entertaining! 🙂 Sorry to hear that Lynyrd Skynyrd & Blondie were not much help with the house cleaning – I suspect it’s not their forte 🙂

  7. 2browndawgs says:

    LOL sounds like a good (random) list of truisms. 🙂

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