I Wish I Wish I Wish

A number of weeks ago we at the House of Flo received a lovely letter in the post from our friend Georgia, the fearsome pig dog, via her Typist.  In it were some fitas, which are ‘miracle ribbons’ from Brazil.  These ribbons are tied around something, be it a wrist, railing or, in our case, collar.  For each of the 3 knots you tie, a wish is made.  To read Georgia’s Typist’s post about these colourful ribbons, click here.  As I have been brain dead trying to catch up on sleep because the Ritalin Kid’s batteries are longer lasting than those of the Duracell Bunny taking a break from blogging for a little while, I didn’t want to do the gift a disservice by whacking out some ill thought out, whimsical post, cobbled together whilst thinking about from whence my next caffiene hit would be coming.  As it happens, I am thinking about a good, strong coffee, but hopefully the cumulation of a few days of being allowed to sleep for half an hour longer will improve allow a modicum brain function.  I also didn’t want to waste my wishes on something trivial, which I would be sure to do when frustrated by lack of sleep and puppy exuberence.  So, Typist, please forgive me for the delay in posting, but, it was for all the right reasons.

What is this thing that you're dressing me in?

What is this thing that you’re dressing me in?

I made my wishes for each of the animals, whilst knotting the ribbons on to their collars.  All except George, who will have to have his sorted while he’s sleeping – he’s too busy guarding his ribbon.  Even though Fergus doesn’t wear a collar any more I’ve tied a ribbon to her old collar, I think that’d be allowed.  I can’t share the wishes, but I feel they are adequetly cerebral not to have let Typist or Georgia down.  I can tell you that I didn’t wish that Elsie would sleep for longer, or that Flo would stop chewing the reticulation!  Hopefully Flo and Elsie’s ribbons will be able to withstand the ‘collar-grabbing/chewing with wild abandon’ that goes on during every tussle.

Pssst.  Flo.  You've got something tied to your collar.  Shhh.  Don't tell everyone, they'll all want one.

Pssst. Flo. You’ve got something tied to your collar. Shhh. Don’t tell everyone, they’ll all want one.

Come near this and you lose a finger... at best.

Come near this and you lose a finger… at best.

Perhaps I should also have wished that George’s collar could remain around his neck and not deposited in some secret hiding place in the garden!  We’ll see.  🙂

Thank you T and GLP.  xx

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14 Responses to I Wish I Wish I Wish

  1. How lovely to see the ribbons on Flo and Elsie! Old collars are definitely allowed. Thank you for the update and post, H. I wasn’t expecting it. I hope your wishes come true. My thinking is, the faster the girls chew them up so they drop off, the faster they should come true 😉 x

  2. May all your wishes come true.

  3. Declan Greyhound says:

    That is excellent. I have something sort of similar on my collar. It is a Turkish Evil Eye charm which is used in parts of rural Turkey to protect your most valuable possessions. As Mum hasn’t got a prize bull it was first on Uncle Flynn’s collar and now it is on mine. I’ve managed to batter it quite well and Mum says she may have to make a trip to get me another one!

  4. Loy says:

    What a neat idea! Happy Saturday!

  5. Oskar says:

    Those sound really pawsome!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Bassetmomma says:

    What a sweet idea! I hope all your wishes come true!

  7. dogdaz says:

    Thanks for the ribbon idea Flo

  8. Jen says:

    As an added bonus, the ribbons also look lovely!

  9. KB says:

    A beautiful idea. I love the idea of the wishes…

    The last photo really caught my fancy. What incredible eyes!

  10. 2browndawgs says:

    What a nice idea. 🙂

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