Wordless Wednesday – It Makes You Look So Much Younger!

This is all The Ritalin Kid's doing.

This is all The Ritalin Kid’s doing.

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21 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – It Makes You Look So Much Younger!

  1. Declan Greyhound says:

    Ooooh she has a Honktypuss! I’ve got one in purple. They are this seasons must have dahling… Deccy x

    • Flo says:

      Awww. We have 3… I bought her purple one before she even arrived and it’s one of the only things she hasn’t destroyed. It lives on her bed! We looooove our octopus. πŸ™‚

  2. Wazeau says:

    Oh uh, octopus attack! The look in her eye, my goodness.

  3. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!!! If there’d been a cyclone up your way, I’d have feared the worst. But no, you’re having balmy weather compared to us down south these days. Ahh well, good to know some things haven’t changed in your doghouse πŸ™‚ X

    • Flo says:

      I’m tempted to say I’ve been in Bunnings for the last 5 weeks, which wouldn’t be that far from the truth! I’m actually very guilt ridden about not staying up to date but have managed to accomplish so many other things in the meantime, which has cleared my head of a lot of the clutter that has prevented me from sitting down and blogging. Today we’re back at work so I’m expecting a routine to become established on the blogging front over the next few weeks. I dread to think how many unread posts there will be when I open Google Reader!

      • You’re in deep poop. Get your reading glasses and be prepared for some late nights πŸ˜‰

        But Bunnings! What a handy woman. I have a new garden door I have yet to paint, if only the weather would cooperate. It’s been either too hot, too windy or too wet. Sigh.

  4. Coralee says:

    Everyone needs an octopooch!

  5. Dawn says:

    That looks like a super fun toy! It looks like you’re hiding under it. πŸ™‚

  6. Absolutely precious! At least your head will stay warm.

  7. What a great shot and it looks like you also have a fab toy too! Have a wagging day

  8. Jodi says:

    She’s making fascinators for dogs. πŸ™‚

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