Just Keep Her Quiet, he said…

Despite feeling nervous about getting Elsie spayed it is not something that I would ever avoid.  Living here where hunting pigs with dogs is popular and where, quite frankly, most of the people I’ve met who engage in the activity are half wits, I would never be responsible for allowing ridgeback puppies to come onto the market; I’m not going to sit on the fence here, I have an issue with hunting pigs with dogs.  If you met some of the types of people who did it up here you would probably understand.  Let’s just say that if some of these folk had another brain cell they’d be able to bark (without intending any offence to dogs).  I know not everyone is the same, but there are enough out there.  If you’re going to use dogs to hunt then both owner and dog have to be highly disciplined and trained.  That doesn’t happen here.  Below is a conversation that a local vet had with a pig dog owner.  It is not a wind up.

Ok I’m awake now – Just got off the phone from a surreal/stupid/funny conversation. Guy rings up all angry and ranting because he has just noticed his dog that he got CASTRATED (he used this word) a few weeks ago is “missing his balls”….I’m like “yes and” Apparently according to this guy desexing a dog if done properly does not involve removal of the testicles. (“your not supposed to cut their balls off”) When I politely explained to him that yes actually thats exactly what it involves. He then called me an incompetent vet who doesn’t know the first thing about castration….. While trying to discuss this with him it suddenly also dawned on him if his dog doesn’t have testicles anymore how is it going to breed. Which of course made him angrier – apparently its a top pigging dog and he wants pups from it – when I asked him why he got it desexed in the first place if he wanted to breed from it he then said if a proper vet had desexed it correctly then he would have been able to father puppies. When I explained to him that desex means DE-SEX he said he had plenty of dogs desexed before and they had all had their balls still in tact and were able to breed and apparently any half decent vet would know that. I tried to explain if they still had balls then they weren’t desexed. He again repeated I clearly know nothing about desexing. When I asked him what he thought desexing was for he just got abusive. He told me he would come down in the morning to sort it… so I decided to put a note on his file – turns out he didn’t get it done here anyway but at another vet clinic so he is going to have words with them in the morning. Not sure what to say or think – can anyone really be that stupid to not know what desexing/castration actually refers to? (end rant)

I rest my case.

Back to Elsie.  I really wanted to leave it as long as I could because, from what I have read, that is better for the puppy and, as bigger breeds tend not to come into their first season until they are a bit older, there’s been no pressure.  Ideally I would’ve liked to have been able to have it done when I could take time off work to be around for a couple of days, unfortunately that couldn’t happen.  I also have a couple of trips planned over the coming weeks which mean that the dogs are going to have to go into kennels and I thought it would be better to have her done and on the road to recovery before that.  Were I to have waited until I came back then she’d be a few weeks shy of a year, which might be cutting it a wee bit too fine.

So, I dropped her at the v-e-t’s early on Wednesday morning.  All went well and I picked her up in the afternoon.  She spent the rest of the evening channelling Jack Nicholson.  When the anaesthetic began to wear off properly she was obviously uncomfortable and a bit confused; most of the night was spent with me sitting in her pen with her because she was whimpering, so I couldn’t sleep anyhow.

I look at this picture and Dylan's 'Everybody Must Get Stoned' jumps into my head!

I look at this picture and Dylan’s ‘Everybody Must Get Stoned’ jumps into my head!

Now the mission is to keep her quiet and dry until her stitches are removed on Tuesday afternoon.  To help in this endeavour, Flo has been spending the day at The Furry Godmother Pet Resort, and to keep her dry Elsie has been confined to the deck, so she can’t access the pond.  I have expected to come home to destruction up there but she has behaved very well and so far so good – deck intact, puppy intact, puppy DRY.  The toys seem to be in pretty much the same place that I left them so I suspect that she’s just gone off to sleep.  I am VERY pleased to say that she has also held her bladder until I’ve got home each afternoon.  I had expected to come home to puddles and that hasn’t been the case.  My biggest post-op concern was her plumbing because Flo has leaked urine ever since she was spayed.

I will continue to try to keep them separated as much as possible due to Elsie’s propensity to use Flo as a trampoline.  Having said that, they haven’t tried any rough play since Wednesday.  Flo is a little under the weather – she’s had a bout of the runs… not a pleasant thing to have to be cleaning up at 4.30am, especially considering that the night before had been sleepless.

Roll on Tuesday.Life With Dogs

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18 Responses to Just Keep Her Quiet, he said…

  1. Tuesday? Is it already Monday in Darwin? Have I gone troppo or have you?

    Poor girl is probably too drugged up to destroy anything (yet). Georgia (the runaway pig dog, now I know why) came to us spayed at 8 months. I’m hoping she got spayed just before we adopted her and not when she was wee. Given your story, I’m sure the previous owners wouldn’t have done anything. Wow! What a brain, you should send that story to Jan on the poodle and dog blog so she can give the man a Neanderthal Award, seriously! Best thing I’ve read in ages. I wonder how he would have come down to the vet’s to sort it out. A cricket bat comes to mind.

    Having only had boy dogs (except for one female as a child), I only recently learnt about the incontinence problem with spayed dogs. I can’t believe Flo has had it since the jobby! I thought it only surfaced as the dogs grew older. I better start googling diapers for bitches sigh.

    Give the ladies a hug for me please, especially the dopey looking one X

    • Flo says:

      Ha ha! She’s getting her stitches out on Tuesday, then I don’t have to be quite so paranoid about her getting wet, that’s why I want it to hurry up and get here. She cools off by getting in the pond; until the stitches are out she has to be kept away from the pond… which means locking her up on the deck.

      Sometimes things can happen during the desexing operation to leave dogs incontinent. It doesn’t happen that often, but it happened with Flo. The v-e-t has years of experience so I’m not cranky with him, I think it’s just one of those things. Consequently it’s different to bitches becoming incontinent over the course of a few years which is because of hormonal changes affecting the muscles. They can treat that with hormone therapy or anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatories make Flo’s issues worse. I found that she also was worse when I had her on green lipped mussel powder which is, of course, a natural anti-inflammatory, so it might be worth remembering that in the future if you want to treat your fearsome pig dog should she need it. The practicality of having a dog with a plumbing issue is that I’ve invested in some waterproof mattress covers for her beds and I always have pee pads. She generally is sent to lie on her bed rather than on the rug and if she is on the rug and I notice her dribbling I shove a pee pad under her backside (like now!)… I’d rather do all that than confine her to the life of a yard dog.

      • Poor Flo. A statistical anomaly. What you’re doing sounds just like what we were doing with Rufus who, if you remember, was incontinent both ways the last year of his life. Don’t laugh but when I read about the coming incontinence, I started looking out for nice bed liners. Rufus used the disposable ones from the vet. The rate he went through them, a bit pricey. I found a lovely baby incontinence mat one day at Vinny’s, blue with sweet check sides, $5! Bought that. Big enough to fold around her bed. Looking for more now 🙂

        Hope Elsie is still doing good. It hasn’t stopped raining here since Friday afternoon! I feel soggy and very disagreeable.

      • Flo says:

        Hee hee. Good thinking, plan ahead! I never thought to go looking in charity shops – duh! I got one when I was back in UK 18 months ago and my mum brought me another one last year. They’re just like pillow protectors, but the right size for a Snooza. They just zip over the bed. I will probably stock up again on my next trip… there is more choice of pet shop there than there is in Darwin.

        Elsie is doing very well thanks. She is pretty much back to normal and last night was the first time I had to start putting one outside at a time because they were too boisterous. In my head I could hear the sound of stitches popping. Keep her quiet… pah! I’m going out this morning and they will be on their own – Elsie on the deck, Flo downstairs… we’ll see how that goes. Am feeling nervous!

        We’re finally having a bit of a wet season morning. I don’t know where our monsoon has gone this year – Queensland maybe. It’s been very odd. I hope it dries out at yours… I’m not sure that soggy and disagreeable is much fun!

  2. Poor Flo. Lots of cuddles are recommended I heard that helps me.

  3. Jen says:

    Oh my…keeping Elka quiet post-spay was a “fun” time. I’m sure for all my paranoia, she was completely fine, and was going to be.

    As for Flo, I’ve heard that corn silk (cornsilk?) can help with spay incontinence. Of course, I have no idea of the vehicle by which said corn silk is delivered.

    • Flo says:

      Oh, thanks Jen… I haven’t heard of that. I don’t even know what corn silk is… I shall do some Googling, I’d love to be able to do something to help her situation. 🙂

  4. Rose says:

    So pleased she’s OK “H”. I can only but imagine how anxious you’ve been having to leave her. But it will all be good soon and life back to normal!?

    PS: you were hilarious in your post at Typists about airlines etc hahahaha.

  5. dogdaz says:

    Oh my, you have your hands full. Good luck with the healing.

  6. Glad that things seem to be on track with Elsie. As for “them”, well…. good luck!

    • Flo says:

      It’s beginning to go pear shaped on the ‘them’ front. I’ve had to put them both outside at different times because bitey face was getting to be a bit rough! They’re both lying here sleeping now though. Sigh.

  7. Hawk aka BrownDog says:

    Hi Y’all!

    Oh, poor girl…Paws crossed for a quick recovery…for both your sakes.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Gizmo says:

    Take it easy Flo you’ll be back in action soon…And that vet’s conversation has me laughing so hard there’s tears in my eyes…Just remember “you can’t fix stupid”

  9. 2browndawgs says:

    I hope both Elsie and Flo are feeling better.

  10. Jodi says:

    I’ve heard of a couple of dogs with the incontinence issue. My understanding is there is a medication that treats it.

    Honestly, sometimes the stupidity of people with their dogs really does amaze me? How can a dog be desexed and still have puppies and who doesn’t know which vet’s office does the procedure?

    • Flo says:

      The last few days her peeing has been worse, but she’s had a bit of a tummy upset so it might be connected. If it carries on like this though I’ll have to do something about it. As for the stupid people… that particular person is an example of stupid on so many levels!

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