The Tyranny of Snot

Oh dear, oh dear.  What a slack a**e!  I have been suitably pulled up on a lack of bloggy movement by The Typist. As usual it is not the animals’ fault, they have given me plenty of laughs over the last while, my dull mind has just been unable to translate their activities eloquently enough to justify posting on the worldwide interweb.  🙂  I have spent a bit more time in in the garden, although you’d never know it – I’ve filled the garden rubbish sack so full that I suspect the bloke who comes to remove it will be swearing at me.  It amazes me quite how many palm fronds, leaves and other such ‘rubbish’ can lie around in there.  It has also been stinking hot and the pool looked more like a swamp, so I’ve been putting a fair amount of effort into getting that swim-ready, which I am pleased to say it now is. Flo doesn’t try to get in the water but Elsie was in a couple of times, then she couldn’t get out, got a bit of a fright and hasn’t wanted to get more than her front feet wet since.

All beasts chez Flo are in one piece.  We have, of course, had our trips to the v-e-t and we are, of course, hoofing back anti-biotics.  This time it is Elsie who is on medication, though sadly not the variety required to transform her into a calm puppy.  She has an allergy which usually manifests itself as dodgy skin and little bald patches in her fur.  The v-e-t has resorted to giving me steroids for her in the past.  I generally keep them as a last resort.  A few weeks ago, just before I started having to go away here and there, she had a bit of a flare up and, as she was due to go into kennels, I gave her a couple of her pills to settle her skin down while I was away.  Around that time she also started sneezing.  She was still at it when I got back so after a few more doses of the dreaded ‘roids she had lovely clear skin but they had had no effect on the sneezing.  The liberal and violent depositions of snot bullets on every surface, including the cats, began to wear thin.  In addition, every time she lay down she would rub her nose all over the rug, transforming it from lovely and soft to crusty and crunchy, so it was back to the v-e-t.  After a good examination he prescribed some anti-biotics in case it was a bacterial infection, plus some anti-histamines.  All it took was one dose of the anti-histamines and she stopped sneezing.  She has hardly had one nasal explosion since.  I have been able to put the mop away.  I think we might be free from the tyranny of snot.  🙂



Beware those nostrils; she could be loading up another snot bullet…

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15 Responses to The Tyranny of Snot

  1. Snot bullets? You have a way with words. I can’t believe you’re preparing your pool for swimming, it’s already arctic here. Hate it! You know every Oz blogger I follow has been chill/slack lately. Yeah ok, maybe except for you, Rose! I know you’re going to pop in and read this. Something in the water, you think?

    • Flo says:

      It is perfect swimming weather – the temperature hasn’t dropped at all here. I’ve been in the pool at least once a day over the last week. I even had the jets on to do some serious swimming (for about 30 seconds) yesterday! Elsie didn’t know what to do when I had the goggles on and kept disappearing under the water. I was greeted like a long lost friend every time I surfaced! We’ve had a very strange ‘wet’ season – not a lot of rain and lots of humidity. I had to go ’round and sort out the reticulation over the weekend and the wet season isn’t technically over yet. I am sure that that will cause a late monsoonal downpour.

  2. She does look very dangerous…

  3. Rose says:

    Wonderful to hear you are all healthy and hearty and most pleased for you H that you have the snot problem under control – its a mighty blast from doggy nostrils no doubt! Mr V.E.T. obviously would like Elsie at the moment – a lot…….. Cute pics by the way!
    Don’t get me onto the subject of palm fronds! I need a large permanent trailer on hand to keep mine tidy and under control. These palms of mine shed their fronds as profusely and quickly as dogs shed their hair. Fair dinkum.
    Great to get a catch-up from you! -pats-hugs-woof-
    HAha, noone like the Typist to get onto you if you’ve been slack hey! 🙂

    • Flo says:

      Haha Miss Rose! The v-e-ts both love us at that surgery.

      I know what you mean about fronds; I don’t have a trailer (or even a tow bar) so I have to get someone to come and remove them, plus the gardener takes a heap away every fortnight. I am a bit over them but then this morning, as I was leaving for work I noticed that one of my lovely Royal Palms looks as though it might have died. They are the only ones that I really would like to keep. I have something attacking my golden canes and they are biting the dust one by one but I don’t want to lose those big majestic ones. 😦

  4. Declan Greyhound says:

    Ah snot. It’s a wonderful thing. Mum was only saying yesterday how she can not get the encrusted sills in the car clean and that the dog guard has actually started to rot……..

  5. Oh what a wonderful second photo x

  6. 2browndawgs says:

    Allergies are no fun. Glad you found something to help.

    It is still way too cold here to even think of swimming…lol.

  7. Oh that’s just gross! on the cat?

  8. Bassa's Blog says:

    Snot bullets? They sound lethal! 🙂

    • Flo says:

      Hello there Bassa!

      A well placed snot bullet can cover a surface the size of a tennis court. Not a lot of people know that. 🙂

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