Monday Mischief: Elsie’s First Night Of Freedom

Tonight is the first night that Elsie hasn’t been confined to either a crate or pen overnight. It’s half past eleven. Here are some pics of the early part of the night…

wpid-2013-05-06-23.31.39.jpgFive minutes in and Elsie’s bed is empty except for her little fluffy toy dog (it is NOT what it looks like)

wpid-2013-05-06-23.31.57.jpgNow we’ve got to go over and check that Flo is alright in her bed…

wpid-2013-05-06-23.32.49.jpg“So all I have to do is lie here all night? Voluntarily?”


wpid-2013-05-06-23.33.31.jpg“I can do that… it’s nice having all this room to stretch out”


wpid-2013-05-06-23.34.07.jpgMeanwhile, over at Flo’s bed…

Five minutes later…
wpid-2013-05-06-23.35.07.jpg“Psssst. You awake? Elsie’s not in her pen thing.”

Five minutes later still…
wpid-2013-05-06-23.35.30.jpg“I’m serious. She’s like totally unconfined. I think she’ll probably be up and down disturbing you all night.”

And another five minutes later…
wpid-2013-05-06-23.36.29.jpg“I really think we should pen her in”

I didn’t expect Flo to be the one who would be up and down!

Click on the link to Hop Over to Snoopy's Blog and join in the Monday Mischief Blog Hop

Click on the link to Hop Over to Snoopy’s Blog and join in the Monday Mischief Blog Hop

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10 Responses to Monday Mischief: Elsie’s First Night Of Freedom

  1. For a moment there, I thought that was a turd on her bed! You’d better turn the cam off or NO ONE will go to bed. Nighty night x

    • Flo says:

      It’s going off now! Fergus and George have both come in to join the party too. As for the’ turd’, that’s her little dog (minus squeaker). Hopefully we’ll still be turd-free come morning!

  2. Rose says:

    Hahaha, I had to look twice too to see it was a toy! The things that a change in routine will do – er, for humans too!

    • Flo says:

      Hee hee Rose. I wrote that post on my phone and so I’d only seen the pictures on the small screen, it never crossed my mind until the Typist pointed it out that the little toy dog looked like a you-know-what! Flo was up again a couple of times but she settled down properly at midnight which is still too late for me! I am pleased to report that we made it to alarm o’clock without any further incident and, in fact, both cats were also snuggled down on the bed a mere metre or two away from Elsie the fierce feline chaser. Once the alarm went off it was like all her Christmases had come at once – she was all over Flo!

  3. 2browndawgs says:

    LOL sounds like a sleepless night all the way around!

  4. I have to agree with Georgia when I looked at first picture 🙂

  5. I totally thought, “OMG did she publish a poop on her blog?” LOL How did she do, did she finally settle down?

    • Flo says:


      Yes, she did settle down fairly quickly, then Flo took over and was up every five minutes. It’s amazing what a little change can do to put them out of sorts!

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