A New (but temporary) Addition

I have enough animals.  If I were to get any more animals children would start throwing rocks at my car.  I might even start to smell like the crazy cat lady (assuming I don’t already).  I don’t need any more animals.  I don’t need to clean up after anything else.  I don’t need to be doing any more loads of washing.  I don’t need any more fur blowing around the floor.  I certainly don’t need to spend any more time in the vet’s surgery.

This pic came from cataddictsanony-mouse

This pic came from cataddictsanony-mouse

I have always resisted fostering because I don’t want to upset my own brood’s little world.  So, what have I done… I’ve got a foster cat.  What could I do??  A plea went out from one of our local rescue organisations for someone who could take a cat that was having kittens (I know, I know).  This is an organisation which has been inundated over the last few weeks because of ONE hoarder, as well as the usual abandonments, etc.  They were desperate; the cat needed a room where she could feel safe so that she could have her litter in peace.

So, I find myself with another addition to the household.  In my defence, I have made it clear that I cannot have her or her kittens long term and that I have other animals who aren’t necessarily ‘kitten-friendly’.  Her name is Smokey (try and guess her colour) and she is just a kitten herself, only 6 months old.  From what I could gleen from the lady who was feeding her, Smokey’s mother seemed tame but Smokey has never been socialised.  She would come to the lady and was accepting food and pats.  She would also sleep with her head on the lady’s feet.

She’s been at mine for a few hours now and she is really timid. I’ve put her in one of my spare rooms, which has a wardrobe, so there are plenty of dark corners in there for her to have her kittens.  After an initial panicked flit up the flyscreen and onto the bookshelves (bye-bye photos) she settled under the bed and that is where she spent the first few hours.  Overnight she obviously did a bit more exploration and ended up behind the curtain, sitting on the air conditioner housing.  She hasn’t eaten or had anything to drink so far.  She has water, biscuits and food which I had hoped she would have nibbled at over the course of today while I was out at work.  I’ve been spending a bit of time in the room getting her used to my presence and voice, and I’ve put the radio on in there so that it isn’t completely quiet.  I’m not sure how friendly she will ever be, but hopefully I can gain enough trust that I can handle her kittens and save them from a similar path.  At the moment she is so skittish that I can’t even tell how fat she is.

You will have to take my word that she is a very beautiful cat; I don’t want to freak her out by pointing a camera in her face right now!

Any advice on bringing a timid cat out of her shell is welcome!  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

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14 Responses to A New (but temporary) Addition

  1. Declan Greyhound says:

    Oh blimey you don’t make life easy do you? But well done anyway! Mum says her only advice is patience and lots of it. She found 2 feral kittens in her Grandmother’s shed many years ago and says she spent an entire summer lying on her stomach, gradually edging nearer and nearer until they would take food from her out stretched hand……You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your spare room me thinks……..

    • Flo says:

      Paaaaahaaaaa! This made me laugh because I’ve just got up after lying on my tummy for the last hour with a piece of Woollies roast chicken in my outstretched hand! It smelled really good and George was busily scratching at the door because he knew there was chicken going on in there! I managed to get her to sniff it and lick a bit of lactose free yoghurt off the end of a piece. She looks ever so slightly (ever ever ever so slightly) more comfortable in my presence. I’ve left her in there alone again so I’m hoping she’s hungry enough to try and eat something.

  2. 2browndawgs says:

    What a nice thing you are doing. The kitty I have now did not eat for 2 weeks (I swear) when she came to live here. But eventually she settled in. The kitty I had growing up was wild when I got her. It took a long time but eventually she became a loving member of the family. Hope it all works out for mama and babies.

    • Flo says:

      I hope she settles… I’m just worried about her not eating or drinking in her condition. She’s such a beautiful little girl. 😦

  3. Put something you wear (with your smell on it) in the room on the floor so that maybe she can get used to your smell while you are not in there. Maybe place a plate of chicken/yogurt next to it. It does take time. I rescued three (momma and her two little boys) a while back. Momma was not wild but the boy were and it did take a little time for them to get used to us. Wow, 6 months and already having kittens – so sad. Glad she has someone looking out for her!

  4. Sucker!!!!! Do you know what the Cat Blogosphere’s most popular phrase is? FOSTER FAIL!!!!! You are clearly a good person, and Smokey is lucky!

  5. Rose says:

    OMGosh ‘H’, you sweetie taking in a teenage Mum-to-be!
    The clothing and smell idea’s a good one. A little time might be all its needed.
    Youngest daughter has two cats but the female is 12 years old and was a rescue cat and only comes near her at feed time, sleeps on the very end of the bed and if approached by daughter or hubs runs like there’s no tomorrow – never lost her timidity or skittishness. Wow, that bit of trivia helps your situation hey!?
    What about Flo and Elsie, do they hang around the door?
    You’ve got heaps of spare time for all the socialising antics I’m sure!

    • Flo says:

      I am pleased to say that after pulling out the big guns (ie Woollies roast chicken and lactose free yoghurt) she ate like a trooper overnight and used the litter tray, which has made me (and probably her as well) feel a thousand times better. She’s still not happy about me going anywhere near her though. I forgot to leave one of my shirts in there… will have to do that this evening. As for Flo and Elsie… and George and Fergus… their noses have a jolly good sniff every time we go past the door!

  6. Patience and she is probably a little wary because she is a young pregnant mama too:) Hopefully she will settle down in time and relax a bit. Keep the stimulation on a down low and just give her plenty of comforts. Good Luck!

    • Flo says:

      Yes, I hope so. With the stimulation thing, I’ve left the radio on just so that she’s used to having some noise… I am concerned that if she’s used to complete quiet then she’ll freak out even more shen she hears normal household noises… not sure if it’s the right thing to do or not.

  7. Bassa's Blog says:

    That was a lovely thing to do. I hope that Smokey and her kittens find a good home.

  8. I got nothin for cats, but you sure do have a kind heart.

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