A Good Hit of Wildlife…

Apparently I don’t like change… would that make me conservative?  I think I’d rather be inflexible.  Yes, I’m inflexible.  A would-be luddite.  Unable to cope when Google Reader disappears.  It didn’t irk me, even a little, when I read that Google Reader was going.  I didn’t shed a tear.  Me? Bovvered?  However, I didn’t expect that when Google Reader dropped off the face of the Earth I would follow it.  But I did.  It would seem I need Google Reader to keep on top of things because I’m simply not organised enough to do so myself.  An inflexible, somewhat conservative luddite with lazy tendencies.  That’s me.  It was Google’s friendly little reminders of your posts that also prompted me to update my own blog.  I’ve signed up to Feedly, I think it’s called, but don’t find it anywhere near as good, or perhaps it’s just that it’s different.  Any tips from other ex-Google Reader users about what they’ve moved on to would be gratefully received.

And so, to the reason for the blog in the first place, the beasts.  All are fit and well, I am pleased to say.  We’ve only had one vet trip and that was a scheduled vaccination where I managed to knock Elsie and Fergus off in the same appointment.  Fergus’ ears are dodgy and so we’re having to do that whole putting drops in a cats’ ears thing.  Have you ever tried that?  It’s not easy.  You need to have your mouth and eyes closed because when they shake they get it all out!  All I can say is thank goodness it is Fergus and not George; he’d have taken a limb by now.  Fergus is too gorgeous, but she holds an amazing capacity for guilt induction.  In her head she’s packed her little spotted handkerchief and it’s tied onto that stick, ready to leave home.  It is conveyed in the look that she gives, as you approach her for the first time after drop application.  The look that she holds just long enough to bore through your chest and rip out your heart, before she turns and walks away, confirming that she wants nothing to do with you, her only family.  Sigh.  A good brush usually gets her back onside though!  George has been helpfully looking for rats in the storeroom -still haven’t caught the slippery little sh*ts.  Outfoxed by a rat… how humiliating… George - looking for rats Oct 13

Meanwhile, the dogs are doing it tough, as usual…

Flo & Elsie - flat out

Our absence can be partly explained by visitors, or ‘dry-season visitors’ as they are known here in the Top End… once the build up arrives everyone leaves because it gets so festy and hot; then it rains for a few months so many of our more popular tourist attractions are inaccessible due to flooding; consequently, most visitors arrive between June and September.  September’s massive increase in heat and humidity mean that rarely do visitors overstay!  We are very fortunate to live on the doorstep of Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site.  It is a wonderful place, filled with breathtaking scenery and creatures.  As always, a Yellow Waters tour was on the cards.  The evening cruises are the best at this time of year because the crocs all appear as the sun drops lower in the sky.  Visitors always love the crocs!  They seem to be getting bigger and there seem to be more of them (crocodiles, not visitors).  The birdlife was also apparent in all its glory.  Here are some of the highlights of the cruise and a walk out to Jim Jim and Twin Falls in pictures…



Twin Falls. There’s not a lot of water coming off the escarpment as it’s the end of the dry season.


There’s no swimming allowed at the base of Twin Falls for cultural reasons. There is one other small reason why I wouldn’t want to go for a dip… this is a crocodile trap…


A beautiful walk in to Jim Jim Falls – which can be seen in the distance. Well, if there were any decent amount of water coming down it would surely be magnificent!


At the end of a good energetic clamber over boulders we were rewarded with a swim in the most beautiful pool, surrounded by cathedral-like walls at Jim Jim Falls.


Can you see the person down in the left hand corner… I left him in the picture to give an idea of scale… a photo just can’t do it justice. Fabulous.


White bellied sea eagles

White bellied sea eagles


Brolga – a member of the crane family. These birds are pretty tall.


Black necked stork (more commonly known as Jabiru). Another tall bird.


We saw so many frighteningly big crocs. This one we know is a female because she swam straight over to a huge male and started flirting before our eyes. It is extremely unusual to witness that behaviour so we were very lucky.

... and here are the love birds.  We know she's a female and we know it's breeding season.  If she had been a male or if she had gone that close to a male outwith breeding season the big male on the left would have killed her.

… and here are the love birds. We know she’s a female and we know it’s breeding season. If she had been a male or if she had gone that close to a male outwith breeding season the big feller on the left would have killed her.


A brave striated heron


Crocs jump in the wild to pluck unlucky birds off tree branches.


Magpie geese settling a dispute


Merten’s water monitor


Whistling kite


Darter drying out after a fishing trip


Black fronted dotteral

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13 Responses to A Good Hit of Wildlife…

  1. Wow lovely to have you back Flo 🙂 Loving the pictures x

  2. Declan Greyhound says:

    Oooh me Mother is in heaven! You know how she loves all your wacky wildlife! How are the tree frogs? Deccy xxx

    • Flo says:

      The tree frogs are seriously unpopular. We had a really big downpour the night before last, only the second rain in 6 months, and boy were those little suckers noisy. There were three of them ’round the pond which is below my bedroom window. Croaking away. ALL night. I still love them though, I just have to get used to their noise overnight again.

  3. hello flo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is definitly sum wild wildlife yoo hav their!!! my dada has enuf trouble trapping gofers i cant imadjin how he wood tayk to a krokodile trap!!! ok bye

  4. Some gorgeous shots there. My favourite is the leaping croc. Kakadu is one of my brother’s favourite spots. Never been there myself.. You’re a bit lucky to be at the doorstep. Hugs to the critters and you x

  5. Rose says:

    Gosh H, I can’t believe I didn’t see this amazing post let alone not leave a comment – the images are totally spectacular!!
    Anyhow, I swung on by to say HELLO, Happy New Year, where are you? Do a post – no pressure!
    Hope you are all happy and well, thinking of you! Miss you in blog-land!

    • Flo says:

      Thanks, and happy new year to you too Rose. I hope all is well over there and I will check in soon. I had to try a couple of passwords to get in to the blog and I’m barely even checking emails at the moment! I’ve picked up a book or two instead, and hoovered the house MORE THAN ONCE! 🙂 May 2014 be a fabulous year for you R. xx

      • Rose says:

        H! how wonderful of you to call by and leave a sweet note! I hope you, the family and the doggies are well and happy.
        Can’t pretend I don’t miss you – I do! And I miss Typist too! and Georgia!
        Much love and take care of you!
        (I’ve lost a little of my motivation and inspiration for my own blog – I’m not as inspired without the Team, and its always so bloody hot up here in the tropics! blah.)

      • Flo says:

        Thanks R. 🙂 Do you know what’s happened to the lovely Georgia and her Typist and Cushion? I went looking for her as well and see she’s been silent for about the same amount of time as I have.

  6. Bongo says:

    Those are some fantastic photos!

  7. These photos are amazing! I would love to swim in that beautiful pool. The wildlife is gorgeous and that croc out of the water…shudder!

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