About Flo

Flo enjoying life

This is Flo.  Flo is a young rhodesian ridgeback who lives in the tropical north of Australia with George & Fergus the felines, and me, a human. The pecking order is thus: Fergus; George; Flo; and lastly, human.  The top 3 switch about depending upon  lunar phases, air pressure, day of the week or time of the day.  The bottom one remains firmly at the bottom at all times.

Flo's first photo shoot at 5 days old - a sign of things to come

Flo was born on October 18th 2010.  Before getting her in December, I had done much research to find out about owning a dog and indeed much research into the breed best suited to me.  Since December 2010 I’ve been replacing what I thought I knew with the truth.  One thing I was right about was finding a good and reputable breeder.  Consequently I have been very lucky to have found a canine who is, frankly, a star.  Well, all of that isn’t entirely true… I learned a lot through some good research but I’ve also found the areas that I can be flexible.

The point of this blog is to share Flo’s exploits and progress.  We hope you enjoy it and your feedback is welcomed.

9 Responses to About Flo

  1. Hey there,
    …and thanks for visiting our blog.
    Yes, Rhodesian ridgebacks are pretty common at this end of the world. Flo looks a sweetheart and I look forward to reading about all her adventures.
    Sending lotsaluv

  2. This is my first Rhodesian Ridgeback bloggy that I’m following and I am so impressed already! I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and the maritime nothern climes of North America are moist and coolish except for the muggy summers. Sophie loves to swim so Flo and she could/would/should run together along your beaches, if only in heart! Cheers!

  3. Hello Flo and family!! It’s nice to meet you, you are absolutely beautiful, what a stunning color! We are looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you and your fur family!

    -DeannaMelanie, Harley, Scarlett, Chelsea and Roory

    PS- Our cat is the house leader, too! Followed by our smallest pup of the bunch, Harley 🙂

  4. Uptown Dog says:

    Hi Flo! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, so I nominated you for an award! You can read about it here: http://uptowndog.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/our-first-blog-award/

  5. rumpydog says:

    Hey Flo! Would you like to be a guest on my blog sometime?

  6. Hello Flo and friends!
    Flo, you are a cutie! 🙂 I had a nice RR friend in one of my dog classes back in Sweden. Her name is Bella and if we were let loose on the field we would run like the wind together 🙂
    How is it to have cat friends? I have tried time and time again to say hi to cats, but they just run or look like they want to fight me. Only once did a cat ever let me say hello and I was so happy when she stood on her back paws and rubbed her back against my chest! I wish I had a friend like that around me all the time.
    Take care,
    Fenris 🙂

  7. dachshundnola says:

    Oh! Nola’s only 10 days older than Flo! How neat

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