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A Good Hit of Wildlife…

Apparently I don’t like change… would that make me conservative?  I think I’d rather be inflexible.  Yes, I’m inflexible.  A would-be luddite.  Unable to cope when Google Reader disappears.  It didn’t irk me, even a little, when I read that … Continue reading

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Monday Mischief: What’s Worse Than Finding A Rat In Your Golf Bag?

Today’s mischief wasn’t caused by any permanent occupants of Flo’s house, but by unwanted house guests. I have known there’s been a rat in the storeroom for several weeks.  It was nibbling away at the lambs’ ears I had for … Continue reading

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Sometimes A Post Just Lands At Your Feet: Elsie -v- Croc

I didn’t have a post ready for today.  I wasn’t bothered.  I was going to leave it. Then, an hour ago, I found Elsie eating this outside on her bed. In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s what’s left … Continue reading

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A Trip To Katherine Spells Humiliation For Fab

This week we’ve been off galavanting to view some of the amazing places and things the Northern Territory planet has to offer.  This week we were down in the Katherine region, which is about 3 hours drive south of Darwin.  … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – What a croc

We’ve joined Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  Click on their link to join in.

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Fabulous Hols!

We’re home sweet home, happy and tired after a fantastic holiday over in Western Australia! Flo and Mackie hadn’t seen each other since she was about 10 weeks old.  At that point he was bigger than she was.  The first … Continue reading

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Raindrops are Falling on my Head

It’s been a very wet week… a monsoonal low hovered above us for the first part of the week, threatening to develop into a cyclone, so work was cancelled on Wednesday.  Thankfully the tropical low came to nothing but I … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

We’re taking part in Blogpaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  Click on the link below to go to their site and join in.

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Changing Diets, Annoying Owners, an Award and I Finally Found out What That Bird is!

I’ve bitten the bullet and begun to move Flo off her dog biscuits and on to a raw diet. Although I’m confident that it’s not her food that is causing her skin spots, I am hoping that this diet might … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The Great Turtle Release

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A First Encounter With Doggy Day Care

This week, Flo went to doggy daycare for the first time.  Once a month the garden rubbish is collected and up until now I’ve always taken Flo to a friend’s house so that she didn’t either escape or scare the … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the blog!

It’s time to turn the blog back over the Flo!  We’ve had a fairly quiet life centring around home, punctuated with our evening walks.  This week we managed a couple of puppy play dates when it was great to catch … Continue reading

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Dingoes and spangled drongos

Hurrah!  We’ve had almost no chewing ‘issues’ this week!  OK, so there’s not that much left to chew.  I rather foolishly left a box of new golf balls downstairs and came home to find them all removed firstly from the … Continue reading

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Burnt Offerings

We’ve been confined to barracks for such a long time now and it’s clearly not good for either of us.  I’ve been missing our walks and Flo has demonstrated her displeasure at missing out on exercise by looking for other … Continue reading

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