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Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Schmirthday – Just Give Us The Piggy Trotters!


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Galavanting Absence

Helloooooo! Apologies for the lack of posts.  Miss Fab, her sidekick plus the two cats have been left in the care of Aunty M who is sending through regular updates and photos but I haven’t had time to sit down … Continue reading

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The Humiliation Isn’t Just Reserved For Flo

Whenever Auntie M comes to look after the dogs, something like this happens… May I remind you of this post from last year. It could’ve been worse, she could’ve made you wear those reindeer ears… but it’s okay, I’ve hidden … Continue reading

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Monday Mischief: Holy Smokey

Somebody was busy overnight Sunday. A couple of days ago she halved the amount that she was eating, which is apparently a sign that they’re getting ready to give birth, so I sorted the nesting box out again in the … Continue reading

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Elsie Turns One

Elsie at 7 weeks…. Elsie at 52 weeks… We spent a good chunk of the morning down at the dog park, which is one of her favourite places because she can just run and run and run. Elsie is exhausting.  … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2013

Once we got home…   We’re taking part in Blog Paws Wordless Wendesday Blog Hop.  Click on the icon to join in.  

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Monday Mischief: A Puppy’s Midnight Adventures

Elsie has discovered how to nose the bedroom door open in the middle of the night.  I leave it open a touch so that Fergus and George can come and go as they please.  On Thursday night she nicked through … Continue reading

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Faces of Flo: Abandoned

Flo Flo is feeling very abandoned at the moment; I keep going out and taking The Ritalin Kid but not her.  Even though she gets something tasty before we go, this is the pathetic sight at the gate when we … Continue reading

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Just Keep Her Quiet, he said…

Despite feeling nervous about getting Elsie spayed it is not something that I would ever avoid.  Living here where hunting pigs with dogs is popular and where, quite frankly, most of the people I’ve met who engage in the activity … Continue reading

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Ten years ago today I was traipsing through the jungles of Borneo having the time of my life, spotting orang utans and rafflesia flowers.  Meanwhile, some people whose view of the world I do not share detonated bombs in Bali.  … Continue reading

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A Neglected Blog

Sigh. There are many reasons for neglecting the blog… Elsie is exhausting; visitors; a new toy phone; life.  Anyway.  Although I haven’t been around, I notice that everyone else has… I’m fairly certain that most posts will have to remain … Continue reading

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One Mother, Two Very Different Puppies!

I’ve been thinking this week about how different the two dogs are.  Flo was a dream puppy; I think I realised that at the time.  She didn’t start her shenanigans until she was about 7 months old and her leg … Continue reading

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The Apple Cider Vinegar Cure-All?

This week I’ve been holding out great hope for Flo’s dodgy leg/shoulder.  Yes, it’s still a problem, and no, it’s not getting any better.  The last time I had her out for a walk she leapt over a fallen tree … Continue reading

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10 Reasons I Shouldn’t Get Another Dog

1.  I already have 3 animals 2.  I have spent WAAAAAY too much time in the vet’s surgery in the last 12 months 3.  People will assume I’m hoarding animals 4.  People already assume I’m hoarding animals 5.  Children will … Continue reading

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Raindrops are Falling on my Head

It’s been a very wet week… a monsoonal low hovered above us for the first part of the week, threatening to develop into a cyclone, so work was cancelled on Wednesday.  Thankfully the tropical low came to nothing but I … Continue reading

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Incontinentia Buttocks

I am getting very self conscious of having been at the v-e-t’s so often over the last 12 months.  The v-e-t could be forgiven for thinking that I have Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, except that I neither have the bank … Continue reading

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Burnt Offerings

We’ve been confined to barracks for such a long time now and it’s clearly not good for either of us.  I’ve been missing our walks and Flo has demonstrated her displeasure at missing out on exercise by looking for other … Continue reading

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