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Merry Everything!

This week has been filled with preparations for Christmas, a potential cyclone and snot.  And obviously vets! Fergus is doing well.  🙂  We’ve elicited more than one smile from the vet this week.  Hurrah! Christmas preparations – not a lot … Continue reading

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Super Fergus

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! The news so far is good.  She’s come through the surgery well and her lungs stayed inflated which is a HUGE relief. Even the wonderfully (and wonderful) dour v-e-t is happy.  The v-e-t is happy. It seems this was … Continue reading

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Back to the vet again!

Well, unfortunately Fergus has been back up at the v-e-t’s for x-rays today.  I brought her Thursday appointment forward because of the lump that was concerning me.  I was worried that she might have popped a stitch and that what … Continue reading

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To air condition or not to air condition…

Flo’s skin – fabulous. George’s wound – fine. Fergus – home.  For the weekend.  🙂 … and breathe. I’m not sure about my nursing prowess.  I’m quite good at fussing, but nursing? Our feline heroine is none too impressed with … Continue reading

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One day at a time…

Things are ticking along with the Flo and George, thankfully.  Flo had an allergic reaction to something which manifest itself as lumpy skin – we don’t know what caused it, but that’s cleared up with some medication from the v-e-t.  … Continue reading

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Update on this week’s events

Firstly, thank you for your support over the last few days.  I am new to this whole blog thing and have been so touched by the blogging community, the comments and support.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. The week … Continue reading

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Oh What a Week! Fingers Crossed for Fergus.

I know this is Flo’s ‘space’, but today I’m writing about Fergus, my lovely 7 year old cat.  She has the sweetest nature of any cat I’ve owned, except in the case of her relationship with George, towards whom she … Continue reading

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Encouraging Canine Art

So Flo’s had a couple of weeks with no walks because of her shoulder.  Flo minus walks equals trouble.  Consequently I’ve discovered the remodelling that she’s been carrying out on the reticulation system.  To fix or not to fix… not, … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve finally made it home after spending the best part of the last 2 months overseas.  On my arrival I was greeted at the gate by a very excited Miss Fabulous who hadn’t actually forgotten me despite my concerns that … Continue reading

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