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One Mother, Two Very Different Puppies!

I’ve been thinking this week about how different the two dogs are.  Flo was a dream puppy; I think I realised that at the time.  She didn’t start her shenanigans until she was about 7 months old and her leg … Continue reading

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Monday Mischief – I Can’t Imagine Why Flo’s Leg Is Sore

For ages now I’ve been annoyed by a black wattle tree branch that has been growing over part of the lawn and shading it on one side of the house.  The grass is looking dreadful because of it (unlike the … Continue reading

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Monday Mischief – How Does Your Garden Grow?

… not terribly well when a 40kg Ridgeback plonks herself in the middle of the plants. Just an update on Saturday’s post re apple cider vinegar.  I think Flo’s leg was beginning to show an improvement last night, but only … Continue reading

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The Apple Cider Vinegar Cure-All?

This week I’ve been holding out great hope for Flo’s dodgy leg/shoulder.  Yes, it’s still a problem, and no, it’s not getting any better.  The last time I had her out for a walk she leapt over a fallen tree … Continue reading

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Stop press: Flo officially neglected – cruelty case to follow! I think that’s what today’s headline would read if Flo could type it herself.  Her leg has been dodgy for a few weeks again but, because of having to go … Continue reading

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Dingoes and spangled drongos

Hurrah!  We’ve had almost no chewing ‘issues’ this week!  OK, so there’s not that much left to chew.  I rather foolishly left a box of new golf balls downstairs and came home to find them all removed firstly from the … Continue reading

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When perfect puppies turn…

Yay, we’re out walking again.  Flo’s just toooooooo destructive without exercise.  Unfortunately, she now seems to be in a pattern of looking for trouble while I’m at work.  This week I came home one day to 20kg of pool salt … Continue reading

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Encouraging Canine Art

So Flo’s had a couple of weeks with no walks because of her shoulder.  Flo minus walks equals trouble.  Consequently I’ve discovered the remodelling that she’s been carrying out on the reticulation system.  To fix or not to fix… not, … Continue reading

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$ ka ching $

Flo went to the vet’s today to have her legs x-rayed.  She is possibly one of the only dogs on the planet who seems to like going to the vet although she might be forming a different opinion as she … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve finally made it home after spending the best part of the last 2 months overseas.  On my arrival I was greeted at the gate by a very excited Miss Fabulous who hadn’t actually forgotten me despite my concerns that … Continue reading

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