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Attentive Owner Fail

From day 1 I’ve been consistent with taking the ADHD puppy Elsie downstairs to wee on the grass and she’s been doing really well, but she is generally a live wire and much less calm than Miss Perfect Flo – … Continue reading

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Monday Mischief – Destruction of a Living Space

Elsie is out of control.  She can be asleep outside and I’ll bring her in and she’ll do this.  She’ll do this and I’ll put her outside, where she’ll lie down straight away and go to sleep.  Will she just … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – If You’re Not Living On The Edge…

… you’re taking up too much room.   We’re taking part in Blogpaws’ Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  Click on the link to join in.

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10 Things I Forgot About Owning A Puppy

10  They like to play catch the trouser leg… while you’re in the trousers. 9    They can go from 60-0 in 3 seconds flat. 8    I make a lot of errors when ‘errorless housetraining’.  Sorry Dr Dunbar, but if only … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  We’re taking part in the Blogpaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop.  Click on the link to join in.

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And Then There Were Four…

Yesterday morning began with me going through my usual routine whilst clutching my mobile phone.  I was waiting for the call from the breeder to say that she was on her way to the airport at Perth to drop Elsie … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For Elsie

Elsie arrives in just a few short days so today we’ve been getting everything organised so that we’re all set to go. Flo’s litter was born with absolute perfect timing and she was ready to come to her new home … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Hard Week! Not.

Zzzzzz And more zzzzzz…. And still more zzzzzz… And finally, We’re enjoying relaxing while we can because…. … the Mistress of Destruction’s apprentice arrives in less than two weeks.  We’re calling her Elsie for short.  🙂

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Gratuitous Puppy Pic!


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Puppy Litter @ 13 Days

Here are some more piccies of Flo’s half sisters and brothers, taken at 13 days.  Sigh.

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A Letter From Someone With Too Much Time On Their Hands

Have you ever consistently received someone else’s email?  It has happened to me a few times and I always make the effort to try and get a message to the person who it should be going to that they are … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

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When perfect puppies turn…

Yay, we’re out walking again.  Flo’s just toooooooo destructive without exercise.  Unfortunately, she now seems to be in a pattern of looking for trouble while I’m at work.  This week I came home one day to 20kg of pool salt … Continue reading

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Burnt Offerings

We’ve been confined to barracks for such a long time now and it’s clearly not good for either of us.  I’ve been missing our walks and Flo has demonstrated her displeasure at missing out on exercise by looking for other … Continue reading

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Encouraging Canine Art

So Flo’s had a couple of weeks with no walks because of her shoulder.  Flo minus walks equals trouble.  Consequently I’ve discovered the remodelling that she’s been carrying out on the reticulation system.  To fix or not to fix… not, … Continue reading

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In the beginning…

Welcome to Flo’s blog.  It is really a blog about a dog’s life, life with a dog and life in general.  She is now 9 months old and I wish that I had started this blog earlier in her life.  … Continue reading

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