Meet The New Boss….

I feel I should point out the following 10 things before you come to the conclusion of this post:-

1. I do not have to navigate my way through my house through artificial corridors of newspapers;

2. I don’t think I smell of anything other than (a) nothing, (b) shower gel, (c) sometimes chlorine and (d) occasionally Paloma Picasso perfume;

3. If there are any animal accident type happenings they are cleaned up as soon as discovered, which is usually fairly quickly;

4. I do still occassionally receive visitors who don’t leave (as far as I am aware) totally horrified and planning an intervention;

5. I don’t live on a diet of cat food, no matter how meaty and good the expensive bags may smell. Nor do I supplement my diet with cat food. I have never, in fact, tasted or consumed any brand of animal food;

6. All my animals receive the appropriate level of veterinary care as and when required;

7. I know how many animals I have;

8. All dogs have their own bed and bedding and are required to use said canine beds – only the cats are allowed on the furniture;

9. The rug gets shampooed on a regular basis (sometimes more regular than others depending on George’s levels of disgruntlement);

10. I still choose to socialise with humans. Even though my animals’ company is preferable to many of the humans with whom I have contact.

OK. Enough said.

Meet Zac. The newest addition to the household.

Zac's the one in the middle.  It looks as though he's going to fit right in...

Zac’s the one in the middle. It looks as though he’s going to fit right in…

Zac is a 10 year old male ridgie who has been with us for a couple of months now.

I am not a hoarder.  Honestly.  Please don’t put in a call to the RSPCA.  There really is no need.  😉

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21 Responses to Meet The New Boss….

  1. Bongo says:

    Looks like you’re having a dog party. I’ll be right over to join in on the fun.

  2. bluebunny01 says:

    I love the ’10 things’ – very funny – we have 7 cats and 2 dogs (plus assorted outdoor animals on the smallholding) – I do worry that sometimes I smell of turkey chick poo instead of shower gel though! Beautiful dogs.

  3. Lucky Zac – sounds like he landed in the ideal place to me!

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Hey, as long as all the pups get along, I can’t think of better housemates! They all look quite happy and I think it’s wonderful that you took in a 10 year old. I can also understand why you haven’t had time to post for a while! 😉

  5. He looks like he means business in that photo 🙂 Good Luck!

  6. So, THAT’S why you’ve been so quiet recently… Hmmmmmmm???????

    • Flo says:

      Hello Gang! No, I’d like to blame Zac but I just needed some bloggie space. Hope you are all well over there. Will pop over to see you soon! xx

  7. Jodi says:

    Holy moly!! Welcome Zac! How do the girls get along with him?

    • Flo says:

      Hi J! The girls are fine with him. He loves Elsie more than Flo… but then Elsie isn’t any sort of threat to him as she’s firmly at the bottom of the pecking order! xx

  8. Rose says:

    Slip back into blog-land unnoticed indeed! You wrote this a couple of weeks back and I missed it! so now I’ve subscribed, you won’t slip in under my radar now H. Jolly good to see you call by my place and say hello, and ZAC IS GORGEOUS!! The three of them look just beautiful!
    “other half” and THE TEAM are travelling from station to station in Outback Qld and I received the first photos of them via email in well over a year. Cried for hours. Anyhoo, to answer your question from last month no! I have no idea what’s happened to Ms Pea and her Typist and Cushion. Just “poof” disappeared! I so, so hope that nothing really really dreadful has happened 😦 😦
    We’ve actually had a winter here this year – it’s been GREAT! I’m heading off to Perth for a 5 week stay – leave in 3 days. So I’ll be out of range for a while.
    Take care of you!

    • Flo says:

      Oh my goodness Rose… I can’t imagine how much you must miss The Team… do you think you’d be able to visit them since they’re nearer to you? Would you be able to cope?

      I’m sure nothing dreadful will have happened to GLP & Co… sometimes we just need a break. It IS unusual not to have heard anything since the post cards. 😦 Maybe they’re altogether too busy moving to a different country now, which would be very exciting.

      Anyway. Will come up with another post before too long!

      H. xx

      • Rose says:

        Funny you say about visiting the TEAM, we were talking about how if they made it to Charters Towers (at the time of conversation they were 5 hours away) I would drive out there (that’s as far as I’m game to go on my own) and have a visit with the boys. BUT, his daughter fell very, very ill and he has had to head back to the Hunter. As to whether I would cope with a visit – yes and no. 😦
        I’m betting too that GLP & Co have moved to another country. I wonder WHERE! How exciting!
        Anyhoo, I”m packing for the Perth trip today.

  9. Hello! It is nice to meet you and Zac! He is gorgeous ♥

  10. Run A Muck Ranch says:

    You have a few more dogs to go before you’re a hoarder…

  11. meow0 says:

    What is the dogs name that is towards the back? He is super cute!

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