Faces of Flo: Abandoned

Flo Flo is feeling very abandoned at the moment; I keep going out and taking The Ritalin Kid but not her.  Even though she gets something tasty before we go, this is the pathetic sight at the gate when we leave…

Please can I come too – I promise I’ll be a good girl…

To add insult to injury we’re picking Sunny up as well because Aunty J is away on hols which means that when Elsie and I come home she can smell her friend all over us too.  It’s soooooo unfair.  She has been getting a bit naughty with all this inexercise and has been bombing out the gate and across the road when I drive the car in at night.  Given that the idea is to keep her blood pressure down, bombing out across the road isn’t what the v-e-t ordered so I took her for a short, sedate walk on the lead a couple of nights ago.  She was very good but I could tell she wanted to get off for a run.  The v-e-t did say that this would be okay and I think I’ve done a good job resting her for an entire 8 days with no walks at all.

Yesterday was Flo’s last full dose of vitamin K1 so now I am beginning to feel nervous.  If there is something wrong with her blood and this haemorrhaging hasn’t been a one-off poisoning or infection event then I guess we’ll find out over the next few days.  I have everything crossed.  She is still on anti-biotics and the dreaded anti-inflammatories.  We’ve cut the anti-inflammatory dose back to every second day and that, combined with the hormone tablet, seems to have made a difference to her plumbing.  The pee pads on her beds are all dry… I’m trying not to get too excited or jinx it but I really hope we’ve sorted her lady issues!

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18 Responses to Faces of Flo: Abandoned

  1. Aw, poor Flo. We’re crossing everything here – fingers, toes, paws, tails, the lot. I truly hope she recovers quickly and perfectly. I do feel for you, trying to keep a Rhodesian Ridgeback sedate.

  2. Fingers cross on Flo’s blood test x

  3. We’re crossing everything for Flo too. Staying still is hell on earth for active pups…


  4. Jane Doiron says:

    Poor thing! I hope the situation improves!

  5. rumpydog says:

    I have my paws crossed for you Flo!

  6. 8 days without walkies! Flo definitely has a sweeter, more forgiving temperament than Georgia. Look at that pathetic face. I hope she stays good. I can imagine how nervous you are.

    Once you’ve sorted out the plumbing thing for sure, please write down FULL DETAILS 🙂

    • Flo says:

      I caved and took her to the dog park this evening so she’s had a bit of a run, but I rested her longer than the v-e-t said, so I think we did well! Everything seems fine so far.

      As for the plumbing issues, I will keep you appraised… unfortunately I don’t know if she had a good or bad night last night because I put the pair of them outside; they wouldn’t settle down on their beds. My intention was to go and get them in again later but I fell asleep so my princesses spent their first night outside and I felt totally guilty! I think I need to toughen up.

  7. Sending you lots of licks and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Declan Greyhound says:

    That is a very good pathetic face but needs some work, mate. You need to look more unhappy and maybe a little pained… still an excellent effort. I know it will have caused some guilt……

  9. 2browndawgs says:

    I am so far behind. That is a cute picture. I hope all is well.

  10. I’m behind, but I hope to read that she’s right as rain and ready to RUUUUUUUUMMMMMBBBBBBLLLLLLLLEEEEE!!!!

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